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Corty came from an animal shelter at 9 weeks of age. I'd just moved out of my parents place for the first time and into a one bedroom flat, I'd grown up with dogs and would really have loved one, but couldn't have one in the flat.

A friend suggested a kitten. So I went to the animal shelter and there were kittens everywhere. And there was this one little calico kitten in the corner cage climbing over herself to see me. I picked her up out of the cage and we were friends for life right there. They desexed her and I went and picked her up the following evening. That was New Years Eve of 1999.

Rascal was a present from my ex. I believe he got him from a petshop. I'd always adored ginger kitties, but my dad was never a cat person, so was never allowed to have one, and when Chris saw him, he knew. I fell in love the minute I laid eyes on him.

Tahlee was adopted last Wednesday from the Cat Protection Society. She's still in hospital at the moment
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We got Lemur at a pet store in the mall and then 2 weeks later went back and got Monkey!
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Simon wandered into a friend's yard when he was a kitten and she didn't want to take care of anymore outside cats (she was feeding 3 already). So I went over and dug him out from behind her washing machine and brought him home.

About a year later, my husband and I went to the humane society because my hubby wanted a cat that was "his" because Simon is really a one person cat and has no use for anyone but me! He picked Max. Max was labeled a Russian Blue mix but now that he's grown we believe he's actually a Turkish Angora mix. He is also the most loving, attention hog of a cat that I've ever seen.
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Originally Posted by Rang_27
All 4 of mine came from the shelter I volunteer for.
I realized I could expand on this.
Levi was brought to the shelter the day before my Smokey passed away. He was found on the North side of the city outside by him self. He was about 5 months old & very skinny. The lady was so afraid of him she was carrying him in a rubber made container (yes there were holes punched in it). I laugh about this all the time because he is the last cat in the world to be afraid of. I also think Smokey knew he was comming and knew she could let go.
Jordan was found at about 3 months old outside on his own very flea infested. He was found around the time of the big Harley Fest 3 years ago. Some bikers found him & brought him to us. He was a pistol even back then. He hated being caged so much he would throw himself againt the bars (I should have known then he'd be a sassy boy) So a friend of mine was fostering him when Smokey passed and since I was adopting Levi I needed a second kitten to go with him & Jordan was too cute to pass up.
Isaac was a foster care supprise. The foster family had an unspayed female they were waiting to have kittens or go into heat. Around the same time they resuced a big grey tom cat. Well you know how cats are, despite being closed up in differnt rooms they both got out of the rooms they were in and along came a litter of the 6 most adorable kittens I've ever seen. I had wanted Isaac's dad Diesle, but he's an alpha male & I knew Jordan was so I figured the next best thing was to have Diesle's son.
Maggie was born at the shelter to a very feral Mom. I came in one Sunday & found Peache's giving birth. I had no intention of getting another cat, but every time I would go to the room we had them secluded in & call "Where's my favorite little girl?" she'd come running. Well I was just kidding myself thinking I wasn't going to end up taking her home.
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Ari came from a fellow TCSer who read about my being tempted to "kittennap" someone else's white kitten.

Topaz arrived at our house - a stray or possibly abandoned - and made herself at home!
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Duke was adopted by my Mother from the Humaine society when he was a kitten. ONly 1.8 lbs now he is 24 lbs. He and Sibohan are inseperable and I became his mother when I moved to the City and they couldn't live without eachother.

Sibohan was adopted from the same shelter she was found walking along the side of the road with bleeding paws, she had recently given birth, but the kittens were never found. She was made a serrogate mother at the shelter for some motherless kittens and when they were old enough to be adopted she was fixed and adopted out too. I am so happy to have her. She is my heart.
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Oscar was found behind a dumpster 10 years ago.
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I had known Whisky from the time he was 8 weeks old. My friend had got him and another cat at the shelter. Sebastian ended up with feline leukemia and had to be PTS at a year old. When Whisky was 1 1/2 years old, my friend asked if I wanted him as she was tired of paying pet deposits. He just turned 13. He is my baby...
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