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Katie was found as a tiny kitten roaming in the garden of a British woman living in Belgium, with no mama cat or other kittens around. The woman couldn't keep Katie so she advertised her on the radio. I was stationed in Belgium in the Army at the time, heard the announcement and adopted Katie.

Gracie came from a colony of feral cats that a friend of mine was caring for in a local neighborhood. She was the only surviving kitten in her litter.

Peter and Claire are also former feral kittens trapped with their mama and five littermates in another neighborhood. They were about 3 1/2 months old at the time. I was involved in helping to socialize them. I adopted Peter, the most timid in the litter, at six months, and took Claire in last fall after her owner died unexpectedly.
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All my current kitties have come from rescue groups looking for someone to take in a FeLV+ kitty, Pandora and Antigone were actually from the rescue group the Eilcon volunteers with Simon came from The Rainbow Connection after being found in the woods and Sapphire from The Animal Rescue Center after being transported down from a pound in Michigan, these cats are an absolute joy! I have had positives from Cali, NY, a construction site, and a trailer park (not the one I live in ) in the past
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LuckyGirl found us on our vacation to Disney. She was living at our hotel, eating bugs to survive, and extremely skinny. She had a tail like a bunny rabbit, and eyes as big as quarters. There was no way we could leave her there, and hubby, formerly known as the cat hater, decided we should at least bring her home with us and feed her, then give her away to a no kill shelter. She toughed it through the 16 hour drive home to PA. And we were both totally in love, hook, line & sinker!
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My DH rescued Tailer from, quite literally, impending doom. One of Pat's customers was a local village, and where he went to call on them there were cages where the shelter animals who's time was up would be put until the county truck came to pick them up and put them down. Pat found Tailer in one of those cages one day. Tailer was a 10-week-old kitten ant the time, and Pat was a goner. He sprung him from his cage, loaded him into a box in his car, and took off with him. On his way out he saw the county truck pulling in. We found out later that he was part of a litter that someone had been dumped in the local forest preserves. He was the only one still alive when they found him.

Harvey belonged to Pat's ex-wife. When she got divorced and remarried and moved out of state, she couldn't take him with her. So we took him in.

I fell in love with Forest at first sight when I saw him in my vet's office. He and his brother had been dumped in a dumpster at a local pet store. The store owner took them to our vet, but couldn't sell them due to their CH affliction. So the vet kept them there until she could find them homes. After I saw him, I was able to talk Pat into adopting him as my first anniversary present. (I told him that fur was the traditional first anniversary gift ...and he knows I only like fur when it's still breathing.) The same day we adopted Forest another family adopted his brother.
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It's hard to find Siamese cats in our area so I put the word out to my sister who knows everyone & everything from her job that I was looking for a kitten-She found a breeder not far from her who had 1 kitten available-it was a blue point -I had wanted a seal-had to make my mind up by end of that day because there was another interested party-needless to say my blue boy-Lukas has been with me for 14 yrs.
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Loki came thru the Bengal Rescue Network - he was too shy to adopt according to the breeder - is he shy (NOT!!!!) Best day of my life!!!!!!!!!!
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All 4 of mine came from the shelter I volunteer for.
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Luna came from a county fair. B's sister picked her up and brought her back to the farm. The story she came with was that she was abandon at the fair and his nephew's friend was going to take her home, but as they were leaving the mother dropped Luna into a garbage can on the way out. So between pathetic little Luna following me everywhere and B's puppy eyes at me (saying that she'll be eaten by coyotes before the end of the week) I took her home. She's my first cat. Plus it turns out that the other kittens on the farm did get eaten by coyotes.

We got Whitey through a friend of a friend of a friend. He was being given up because the previous owner couldn't keep him at her apartment anymore (no pets allowed and she got caught). So instead of moving to a new apartment (from what i heard money was no object for her) she asked her mother to find a home for her. I heard about Whitey through a coworker. The mother was giving one week to find a home before taking him to the shelter. By the end of that week we took him in.

B got Patches and Beauty 10-12 years ago from the Human Society. He saved Beauty from being put down, and Patches kept wanting his attention...so he figured out that you don't pick out the cat, the cat picks out you as its owner
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Delilah and Pierre are a mother/son combination that I took care of for just over a year, starting Memorial Day 2004. My brother and his wife (they were her cats before they married) had to move in with my parents and my brother's Jack Russell Terrier (a real cat hater) already lived with my parents. I still had Delilah and Pierre when my father told me that someone he worked with feeds a feral colony and found a friendly cat that seemed to be more of a stray, one that was being picked on by the ferals (he was limping and had huge cuts). I was hesitant but my father said that I'd take the cat anyway. Bob came home on Easter Sunday 2005. Until he got the cat we didn't know the color, breed or sex! A few months later my co-worker was preparing to move and her boyfriend told her she could only take 2 of her 3 cats! I tried to get a friend of mine to take Freckles but she kept delaying a decision. Over the 4th of July weekend, my SIL came to take Pierre and Delilah (she had split with my brother a few months before.) I went back to work depressed and my co-worker was equally upset because she had until the end of the week to find Freckles a home. So I took him and haven't regretted it since.
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My husband swears we have an invisible sign outside our house that says stray/feral/lost cats are welcome here, as cats tend to find us, meaning they turn up and demand entry. I've lost count of how many kitties have owned me. Jamie was the first young kitten we ever had, and the only cat that was "formally" adopted right from the start. A student at our school came in late, because the cat her mother was fostering had just had 5 kittens. I rather spontaneously said I'd take one or two (we had an older former feral at the time). Jamie was all of about 3 hours old at the time. It turned out that her mom and I both belonged to the same cat rescue organization, and my spontaneous reaction landed us with "Super Kitty", who's the light of my life.
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Pearl was rescued from an abusive home by my daughter.

The maintenence men at the hotel where I used to work were about to find out if you could flush a kitten down a toilet and I made them give it to me instead. That is Scooter.

Pepper was part of an abandoned litter in our old neighborhood. She had been hit by a car, and was trying to make her way across a busy street when I spotted her and picked her up. I got bitten and almost run over trying to retrieve her from my brake spring where she had crawled up to hide when I stopped the car. We nursed her back to health, intending to find her a good home. Yeah, right.

Fluffy was thrown out into the parking lot of the tattoo shop where my SO works, on Christmas Eve. He sat outside in the cold for several hours with her tucked inside his jacket, because he could not take her inside. She is named after Eric Cartman's cat, because Cartman is our favorite South Park character, and she IS fluffy.
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Lets see:
Katrina, our oldest at 16, was adopted from a shelter at the age of 10
Cinnamon, Tommy Boy and Aurora, came from breeders in Florida, Texas and Washington state.
Lil Roar is Aurora's daughter and was born in our home.
Bobcats Amber and Boris came from a breeder in Montana and Nakoma Bobcat was adopted from New York state.
Carmelo cougar came from a breeder in Virginia.
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Zakk- A co-worker had evicted her tenant. When they went to clean out the apartment, she found out that they had abandoned the six month old kitten in the house. She sent out an email that coincided with my husband and I moving into an apt that allowed cats and us deciding we wanted one. We went to her house to meet him and decided he was a friendly boy. Well, boy came later.. she thought we had a girl.
Rocky was a shelter kitten.
The tabby siblings Cookie and Suzie were living outside my coworkers condo for a few weeks last fall. It took awhile for her to trap them.. by that time they were 12 or 13 old. Never saw momma kitty.. Still don't know where they came from.
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Tavia came from a petstore. I was getting ready to get married and I had stopped there just to look for something for the dog I had at the time. And there she was meowing well I picked her up and she began purring. And my then fiance now ex said no and I said please. And he still said no so my friend who was with us layed the $5 on the counter and said get your kitty Gail. And she has been my baby every since then. She is now three years old. And in September I will have had her for three years. SHe was about a 3 month old kitten when I got her. And she is that one special kitty that changes everything. And she will hopefully be with me till she's in her 20s or longer. I just don't know what I would do without my little Tavia.
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Originally Posted by Tavia'smom
Tavia came from a petstore. I was getting ready to get married and I had stopped there just to look for something for the dog I had at the time. And there she was meowing well I picked her up and she began purring. And my then fiance now ex said no and I said please. And he still said no so my friend who was with us layed the $5 on the counter and said get your kitty Gail. And she has been my baby every since then. She is now three years old. And in September I will have had her for three years. SHe was about a 3 month old kitten when I got her. And she is that one special kitty that changes everything. And she will hopefully be with me till she's in her 20s or longer. I just don't know what I would do without my little Tavia.

not to hijack but where in Ky are you?
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Only 2 out of the 6 I have had have come from shelters (Tigger and Snowy).
Charlie came from the next street - her owners son threatened to microwave her.
ginger was picked up from the streets
PEbbles sort of came through a shelter, the rescue I fostered for knew that I woudl shortly have space so asked me if I could take her on - pts had been mentioned, so I had to say yes.
Blackie came from another forum - she had been living by herself for a year wiht just someone goign in daily for food and litter, and had too many issues for a rescue to consider her.
Long term fosters - Tom was taken to the vets to be pts, but fortunately the vet refused.
Molly - the rescue didn't think she had much longer cos she was barely eating and always sleeping. Within 2 weeks of being here, she was eating me out of house and home and showing a real interest in life - blood tests have shown she is perfectly healthy.
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Picked up George and Gracie from the city shelter in Des Moines, IA.
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I'll start from the first cat to the last.
Cajun-from the Humane society when he was 8 weeks old.
Smudge was a stray my friend found at 6 weeks old, and since she knew I was looking for a calico, she gave her to me.
Cubby and Emily are sisters that I got from a barn at 6 weeks old, full of fleas and worms.
Elessar was a stray, along with his 4 siblings. His mother was a stray and she brought all her babies on to a client's porch one rainy night and never left. As soon as I saw him, I had to have him. He was about 6-8 weeks or so when I got him.
Timmy was a feral that I trapped and tamed and planned to rehome but eventually kept because he's so shy.
Bob was a stray that I trapped, also planning to rehome but he was so sweet I kept him.
Not cats, but Rain came from the Humane Society when she was 8 months old, I've had her about 5 years, and I got Pedro about a year ago from a client that couldn't keep him anymore.
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We got Trout from a pet store...next time I will definately adopt from a shelter though..I gotta help the homeless furries!
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My old boy came from a breeder who was breeding hybrids - Siamese/Persian. Best cat EVER. My three now came from a friend who, for various reasons, wasn't taking the best care of them. I took their girls so they couldn't breed any longer.
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I live in the south western part of ky
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Originally Posted by Tavia'smom
I live in the south western part of ky

Cool. I was born and raised in Shelbyville Ky until I was 12 then moved to Florida
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Miss Arizona came to my house through a local shelter's foster program. One of the attorneys I worked with at the time was fostering cats with his wife and suggested her to me. He brought her over to visit for a few days and she immediately made herself at home.
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Mine all found me:-).

Tristan wandered in one cold late December night 12 years ago, the skinniest young cat (10 months) with the longest tail - longer than his body - and was such a gentleman with the friendliest personality he got to stay- after his little operation, of course. (I was living in Ontario, Canada at the time).

Abbie and Freija were feral born. I had been feeding their mother - a stray - and knew exactly when she had the kittens but thought the kittens didn't survive since the motehr cat was still so often on my porch. When the kittens were 9 weeks old I woke up one morning to find she had brought the three of them to my porch to help her feed them. It took a month before I was able to get them safey inside (not a moment too soon, weather wise). I found a new home for one of the kittens and the mother, and ended up keeping the other two - one mainly because she was still totally unsocialized and I knew she couldn't be adopted like that. She eventually socialized almost overnight at 4 months old.

Lion and Bear arrived with their sister Tiger Lily at 10 days old in the hands of neighbourhood children whose dog had killed their mother. I bottle raised them and when Lily was 16 weeks old she was adopted by a good friend 14 hours drive away. They surprised us all- vet included - by becoming some of the most beautiful, long-haired maine coone type cats I have ever seen.
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When we lost our persian cat to kidney failure I didn't want to think about getting another cat for awhile but the kids kept reminding me how much they missed not having a kitty in the house. We went to the same kill shelter where we adopted our dog. Neely had recently been brought in by animal control. She was scared but still purred when I petted her and I just knew she would make a good addition to our family. One thing's for sure, she is different from any other cat we have ever had in the past!
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Jade was the runt of a family member's cat's last litter. I debated on getting her and was put on the spot. When I had to make the last minute call, I said yes and boy am I glad I did that.

Isis was rescued after my fiance and I answered a free ad for free kittens. We went to the house where the kittens were living in a barn and looked them over. Nearly all of them had something wrong with them (missing eye, sick that sort of thing). We were just about to leave when the owners son said something about one of the kittens being in a bush. That was Isis. He brought her over and she was so scared she jumped out of his arms and hit her poor little face into the dirt. Not to mention her eyes were shut and I thought maybe she wasn't ready to go because she was so little. About that time I saw Isis' brother run by. (He was all black and was what I had wanted at the time) However, we were hoping he was a girl but he wasn't. Suddenly I saw the kitten the boy had dropped and the water bowl and this time her eyes were open. I picked her up, noticed her gooky eyes, felt her shivering and listened to her cough and sneeze and knew I had to take her home. After having her poop in our bed (right next to my fiances head ) and doing some research I realized she had a URI. I thought about taking her back but had fallen in love. We took her to the vet and she's been in our home a week now. *In that week she has gone from 1.2 lbs to nearly 2lbs!*

Garfield is an orange tabby I'm fostering till I can find him a home OR until I can find a no kill shelter in my area! (the only one I know of was just closed down by the city!)
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Sammy-Sam waltzed in through my patio door one night and demanded to be fed . After two years, I decided to get him a brother, so I went to Petsmart and found my baby-girl . I shoulda known something was up when she didn't respond to a boy's name
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My two babies, Katie and Black (both solid black) was born feral to a stray underneath my house. The momma ran off and left them. I guess they were maybe 4 weeks old, if that, when they finally made their way to my patio doors. I couldn't let them starve, so I began feeding them. It took along time before I was able to get my hands on them. Now one year later, Katie is still alittle skiddish not to me, but around my hubby, Black is a very relaxed male. Am working on getting them to stay strictly indoors, but that takes time and patience. But hey, that's ok too. Katie is becoming more of a house cat than Black. She seems to enjoy the perts of being inside. She uses her litter box and I am very proud of her. And Black kinda inside/outside still. Hopefully, he will eventually come around and stay in all the time. And yes, they both have been altered.

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I *think* my parents got Miagi from a "free" add in the paper.

We got Tiger from the "free" adds in the newspaper. This couple rescued him and another cat off of the highway and were temporarily keeping them and finding them homes. When I saw Tiger all it took it was that face of his and I said mom we are definately keeping this guy!

I am so blessed to have both Miagi and Tiger in my life. (as well as my 4 dogs ) they are such characters!
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All but 2 of mine were born somewhere around my old house. I found some in the garage, some in the barn, some in the storm cellar, some in the gardens, and some on the patio. Some of their mom's dumped and ran, others died after birth, and others were just trapped to get them out of the outside. I'd fix the moms when I could catch them.

The other 2 were born in a barn about 20 miles away.
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