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Where did you get your feline friend?

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Where did you get your cat from?

I got Scratch from a farm in September 2001. She was only a kitten, and had ear mites, but that got fixed right away. I don't have much of an interesting story about where I got her from, unlike some people at TCS!
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Reilly came as a packaged deal with my fiance 3 and a half years ago I'm so lucky!!
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Zissou was on the streets and about to be put back out by a friend whose dog did not enjoy having a two-month old kitten in his territory. She, and her thousands of fleas and earmites and worms, came home with me instead.
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Bandit was first, I got her from a shelter. She was about 4 months old.

Then I got Godiva from a breeder at 10 weeks.

Then I got Sneakers from the same breeder (she bred Bombays, Burmese, and Scottish Folds).

Lastly, Ziggy came into my life by surprise. It was our second wedding anniversary and hubby wanted to surprise me with something (as I am usually very difficult to surprise). He had good intentions, but didn't know it could be dangerous getting a kitten from a "free kitten" box along the side of the road. It was manned by a 13 year old. Anyway, so he picked out what he thought was a girl (to avoid pregnancies since Sneakers wasn't fixed yet), and the second he got home, I was like... Um, honey, those are little balls. Anyway, we had an FeLV scare with him too... the previous owners called us and told us one of his littermates died from it, but that that kitten was the only one who went outside. Ziggy has tested negative every month since then, so I think he's fine, but that was a hassle. Also, they called and told us since they had decided to keep the dad because he "looked cool," they got him scanned for a microchip in case he belonged to someone. It turns out that the dad was a stud for a Savannah breeder somewhere around here. Maybe, maybe not... but Ziggy sure does have loooong legs, a looong skinny body, and big ears with a long neck, like the Savannahs I have seen pictures of.
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Spaz was dropped off at my vet by her 'breeder' to be euthanized.
She had massive food allergies and her 'breeder' couldn't be bothered on a 'useless' kitten.
The tech talked her into releasing the cat instead and I fell in love.

Shadow is Jeremy's cat.
Jeremy's mother decided that Jeremy's old (RB) Siamese needed a buddy.
He came home from work one evening and there was a little striped fuzzball in his bathroom.

Jeremy's old Siamese was in his last days (we honestly wondered how he managed to stay with us as long as he did, but he kept fighting), and J's mother decided that Shadow would need company.
We were going to get one, but ended up adopting both Vash and Trouble.

Last year, J's mom told us about a kitten born with a servere eye infection, possibly blind. His mom already had over 30 cats in her care (she's a non-profit home run shelter) and could not spended the individual time this kitten needed, so we agreed to take Ivory, we did not know that it was a package deal and her adopted mom, Cassi, came with.

We're just a big, happy, furry family here
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I spotted a very pregnant Ruby in the woods and sat in the driveway with food for a few hours. Now she's all mine ( and her babies too)!
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Originally Posted by Godiva
I was like... Um, honey, those are little balls.
That made me LOL for about two minutes.
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I got both Pandora and Pearl at a local pet store.

Actually I got them at two different pet stores.

Pandora I got out in a petstore aways away from my house. I fell in love with her face instantly and had to take her home.

Pearl we got at a petstore up the street, I had to beg and beg hubby to let me take her home. I couldn't resist her Siamese crystal blue eyes and the markings.

She was actually bred by one of the owners who had a Siamese and bred her with a Persian creating my Miss Pearl.

We stopped by there this evening (mistake on my part cause they had a bunch of really adorable kittens that I wanted to take home too).

But we are in the process of moving and it wouldn't have been a good idea...

But what can I say.....I can't resist the sweet kitty face and the soft kitty purr.
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We got Milo from the humane society. We were walking around one day and decided to go into a pet store and I was like I want a kitty and my boyfriend was like ok we can get one so we were on our way to the humane society to adopt the gray one from that pet store who was about 12 weeks old and as soon as we walked into the humane society, we saw 2 kittens in a cage and we decided to get one of them because they looked so sad. They were only 4 or 5 weeks old and they were abandoned in the fairgrounds. I would have gotten both if I could have.

Zebra we got from a pet store, but through the humane society. We had been looking around at kittens and thinking about getting a second one and we were at petcetera one day and saw a bunch of gray kittens and Zebra stood out because shes gray, black, white and orange and I decided to adopt her.
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I got Chester at the local animal shelter. He was a boy cat with a girl’s name, afraid of everything and not at all what I was looking for.

He turned out to be the perfect cat! He is still afraid of lots of things. But he is always a good boy in the box, eats only dry cat food, and never does bad things in the house.
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Miss Codi came with hubby... I"m glad she did

Miss Reba has quite a story. I was at work in a fast food resturaunt one day and this lady came through the drivethrough and when she stopped to order I SWORE I heard kittens crying... well I figured she had kittens in her car. She pulls up to my window and gives me the money... no kittens but then she says to me "I'm going to park my car over there (points to next to a field) and you can bring my food out, I think there are kittens in my car engine." I say okay... thinking she would do what I do... take the kittens out of the car engine and put them in the car... Instead when I look out she's throwing the poor kittens out into the field! I had to run and stop her, but it was too late, I searched for the poor kittens but couldn't find any of them. There was a big rain that night and I thought for sure those babies were dead The next day I get a phone call, one of our regular customers (who had helped me look for the kittens when that evil woman threw them out) had found one of them in HIS engine and I came to get her... that was my little Reba. She was SO SMALL I don't know how she made it, but she did. They found one more of the kittens out in the field and someone else adopted him. 2 of 3 cats were found. I couldn't believe that lady though... I had to remind myself we aren't ALL cat lovers.

Miss Mouse we got at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago. DH said we absolutely WOULD NOT get another cat and then he picked her out and we took her home LOL
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8-Bit came from a litter of kittens that were born under a porch of a guy that I worked with; Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds came from a shelter.

We met 8-Bit by him running up to my husband and me biting my toe and scratching my husband's leg. He then walked into his cat carrier and fell asleep. We stood there with our mouths open. My husband said "well... I guess we don't really have a choice now do we?"

Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds was climbing the side of his cage at Petsmart. He gave me this look like "You're my Mommy aren't you? Take me home please." So I did.
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KC we got at a pet store - not purposely either. He just came right over and snuggled. About two years later we decided to get Kaser a friend and just casually looked around for a couple of weeks (mind you this was NOT during kitten season). We purposely wanted a kitten so the two could grow up together. We found Shermster at the humane society with a little female speckled kitten - he was a lot older and we were leaning towards a girl anyway. But Sherm's little "goatee" struck me as adorable - he climbed right out of the cage and fell asleep in my lap. He also had the same coloring as KC which was very cute. And afterwards we found out that the female was actually already sold!
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Well, we were looking for a cat about six months after my oldcat had passed on. I wasn't really looking but one day I randomly decided to check out the local PetsMart, where I knew they adopted out cats. Sooo .... I walked right into the adoption area, saw Quill, and fell in love.

Then I called my dad, and we went over to the shelter to see if there were any other cats there, but this one little fellow with furry paws kept coming to mind - It was as if it was meant to be. So about half an hour later we went back to PetsMart and I filled out all the papers. Within the span of three hours I'd gone from catless to having a kitty.

He's such a little brat, but I love him!
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my bf and i were on our way home from the city, when he suddenly said "how do you feel about that Wonton soup place for dinner?" i almost said no cos i didn't really feel like it, but it was what he wanted, so i said ok. when he got out to go in and order, i stayed in the car, and i had the window down and heard "meow...meow! meow!". It was this gorgeous little tabby cat, all skinny and obviously crying for help. i took him with us cos i couldn't NOT-my bf said later "i knew you were going to take that cat home the second i saw it". so i t ook him home with the thought that i'd take him to a no kill shelter the next day...but he was so sweet-he curled up on my lap and went to sleep that night-that i couldn't do it.

took him to the vet for a checkup and my heart was in my throat when they scanned for a microchip-i was thinking please dont let him be anybodys..i was so attached already-and luckily he wasn't had him about 3 years now, and he's my baby <3
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Bumper decided to hitch a ride home in the Bumper of the truck and fell out at the end of the ride a dirty ball of fluff.

Magnum just let himself in through an open basement window and wouldn't leave

Boomer was the kitten of a neighbours cat

Scully belonged to friends of my BIL and they had to give him up because their kid was allergic
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We got Lucy from a neighborhood friend who had a litter of kittens for sale. We picked one of her brothers, but he kept getting into trouble, so she said we could have Lucy if we wanted, even though she was going to keep her.

Stinky was one of the kittens running around our neighborhood that was born by a stray, and he found his way to our house when he was really little. He ran away from us at first, but after a while he let us pet him and pick him up. He left a few times and then came back a week or two later. After a few years, when we decided to move, we brought him with us.

Sassy belonged to a friend of my mom's, and she bought Sassy for her daughter when she was little. Sassy always stayed in the basement because the other cats were mean to her, and everytime we were over, I'd go find her, so after a while she asked us if we'd just take her home. It took a bit of begging, but I finally convinced mom into it.
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Both from the humane society.

Joshua was given up by his previous owners at the age of 18 months and was VERY depressed about being at the shelter. I couldn't leave him there!

Kinah came to the humane society as a stray at the age of around 6 months. I got her to keep Joshua company.
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Well Tiger is a product of a neighbor's cat that was given to us because they were moving. We were told she was spayed.... WRONG!... Poor Dixie! She had a litter of 4 which is where Tiger came from. She then got pregnant while nursing from another cat my beloved children brought home and were told not to let into the house because of Dixie not being spayed.... that went in one ear and out another! She had a litter of 6! They were all placed (including Dixie) in loving homes of very close friends and family of ours.
Funny thing is, I told my oldest son (8yrs) that he could keep ONE of the kittens and I thought Tiger ( I know this is mean) was the ugliest one of ALL 10 kittens but my son insisted on keeping him. He ended up being the sweetest, most loving cat I have ever known! He is definalty king of THIS house (even over the dog )

Then came Lily... my boys and a couple of other neighbor kids found this litter some lady was handing out. They were about 5 weeks old. 3 girls and 1 boy. I took the runt. She was very small but surviving. After severel vet visits and a stint of eye infections she was picture perfect..Just for my mean old lady of a landlord (thank god we moved) decided to let her out when she was over for repairs (unknown to us) and we never seen her again. We put out posters, ads in the paper and searched frantically for WEEKS.. and nothing. Did I mention she did this to another neighbor and Lily's brother also?

Then came Reilly..Lily's sister.
One of the mothers of the kids who found lilly and her littermates took in 2 kittens also (the OTHER neighbor). She decided to move in the middle of the night and leave these 2 kittens in her house... just abandoned them. About 4 days later I walked over to the trailor they lived in to grab Tiger (The neighborhood thug) and heard a meowing. I went to our landlord and MADE her open the door..Out ran two little black and white furballs... starving, thirsty and frantic. I took them both home and told the other neighbor who had the male littermate I mentioned. She took the little one... Princess. We kept Reilly. After being treated for bad fleas and nasty worms she's 100%. She's about 11 months old now but stopped growing around 6 months old. The vet said she's a munchkin. Might be due to lack of nutrition and being weaned too early. She also has a low whispy meow due to upper resp. she developed, again from being weaned too early. She is VERY affectionate but doesn't like being left alone.. understandable.. Neither does Jake (the dog... we got him from SPCA with a broken leg) they both have separation anxiety so we have to leave a radio on when we leave

Ok I'll shut up now.......
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Harley came from John's Mom's cat - Kitty.

She got outside and got pregnant and had a litter of 5, but 2 died, so there were 3 of them - Harley was the itty bitty tiny runt - and he stole my heart, so we brought him home.

In exactly 1 month, we will be bringing home another bundle of furr from the same mom cat - (and yes, she is getting spayed ) so this will be Harley's step brother/sister kitty!

We are one big happy furfamily
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
Reilly came as a packaged deal with my fiance 3 and a half years ago I'm so lucky!!
I just wanted to tell you that your Reilly is my favorite cat other than my own. Reilly is gorgeous. The question is does the other part of this package deal look as gorgeous as Reilly.
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We got both our girls from animal rescue groups that we found through www.petfinder.com
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Speedboat came up on my carport one day when I was out there washing windows. My husband went fishing one day and found Muffin at the boat landing. It was cold and snowing and he felt sorry for the poor little guy.
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We adopted the boys from Challenger's House, a rescue based out of Toney, AL.
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At work one day, someone found a very preggers kitty in the window well. He thought she was stuck in there, so he lifted her out, but she jumped back in. Then a co-worker stuck her in her car, to take her home after work. I asked if I could have her, because I was able to take her home right then, rather than waiting until the end of the day. I was honestly afraid she would pop out those kittens before the end of the work day!

She proceeded to have 4 healthy kittens, one of which was a plain jane brown tabby. We decided to keep the pretty jet black kitty, instead. And adopted out the Momma and other kittens. But no one ever chose the plain brown girl, Festus. And I had another orange tabby boy to foster by then, who we named Garfield. I never really liked orange cats. But no one chose him either.

When we lost the black kitten to FIP, we had to decide which kitten to keep. The girls all wanted Festus, and the boys wanted Garfield. I had actually already promised Festus to someone. But generously, she allowed us to keep her after losing her sister. And we kept Gar, too.

By then I was fostering, and soon we got "Red" and "Blue", two semi-feral black kittens.

Blue, the kitty in front, tamed up nicely, with lots of help from Festus. So we adopted her out. We renamed Red Jasmine, and kept her. She is almost tame now. In fact, tonight she was underfoot, and I had to wait for her to move to step down!

My last kitty, Will, just came over from the dairy farm across the street. He was the third kitten to show up. I adopted out the other two, but couldn't give him up! He is my only in and out cat!

P.S. I find brown tabbies and orange tabbies to be quite lovely now! LOL!
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I found mine in a cardboard box in front of Petco.

I was going to take them to the shelter, but they told me they can't adopt out the black ones in the middle of kitten season. So I just took them home.
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Lets see, I got Sherman from a guy that had an ad for free kittys(that was back in '01) I got Callie(well she was one of Gracies daughters), Chloe was a stray from my moms and I fell in love with her and had to have her Abby and Lily were from a woman that worked at our local HS and she told me about them....and Abby was supposed to go to a friend of mine but her hubby told her NO she couldnt have her, so I ended up with her.
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JinJin was a pregnant feral that a coworker told me about. Another woman and I went there, and saw her being bullied by a nasty skunk for the rights to a shed. We set a humane trap, and she was in it in about 5 minutes (thank God it was her and not the skunk). The poor girl was emaciated, full of fleas, and pregnant fit to burst. She was a true feral...completely terrified of humans. She gave birth to 5 kittens 5 days after I got her. She spent her first month in my bathroom until I was given the green light by the vet to treat her for fleas. All her babies got adopted out at about 4 months, and Jin got her spay & a couple of teeth pulled that were infected & broken.

She's worked hard at becoming a house kitty & is really progressing. Adult former ferals are very hard to place (I just couldn't relinquish her to a shelter, I didn't think she'd do well in that environment), so nobody was remotely interested in adopting her. Very recently I decided that she would be my baby!

August 9th is her "gotcha day"...one year!
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I first heard about Bubbles the grey tabby from a co-worker whose fiancee was allergic to cats and was getting a bit upset that it was taking so long from her to find a new home for the kitty. She asked me and I hmm'd and haww'd and said I'd talk to my husband. I did and my 12yo son reminded us that we'd promised to get him a cat once we got moved into our house (we'd been moved in for over a year ..) So my husband said yes, we could try her out.

It turned out to be a match made in heaven. My dog-loving husband instantly fell in love with her and worried for weeks that my co-worker would want her back, but after 8 mo .. she was still ours .. well actually his cause she fell in love with him also!

Well you know how one cat leads to more .. I decided I wanted an orange tabby to add to our home. So I searched Animal Aid and Human society for an orange tabby and found a few but of course most were males and older and we were warned that it would be easier on Bubbles if we went with a cat under 6 months and another female. We found a lovely and LOUD, polydactal, male orange tabby who was only 3 months and were on the verge of taking him when we turned to see this tiny 2 mo old calico climbing up to eye level in her cage to see us! She didn't meow .. she just stuck out her paw and watched us.

At the time we didn't know she was female, nor did we know that 99% of calico's are female .. we just knew this had to be our new baby! So we took her home and after about 2 hours it was decided that her name was Leela.

That was only 2 weeks ago and my girls are getting along great!

Here's pictures:
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phenom was adopted from my local humane society!
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