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Can't get into site.

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How come I can not get into the site about 90% of the time? Is anyone else having this problem?
I have issues both at work and at home (using different Internet providers).
It's next to impossible to get in during the day, and intermittently after 5pm.
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I never have a problem. I can get in anytime of the day.
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No problems here either - I am able to log on anytime of the day with no errors
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I just keep getting the "address time out" error.
It's really bizzar.
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No probs here, Hmmm, is there any way that your firewall could be preventing you from getting on? And at work they may have certain sites like this one blocked...
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how long has this been happening for?
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Have you bookmarked the site at a certain page it can't find, perhaps a thread that was deleted etc, have you made sure that you are typing the http://www sometimes that helps it find it a little faster so it doesn't time out.

Does it happen if you google TCS and click the link?
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What happens when you don't bother logging out? Have you changed or updated your firewall lately?
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It could be a problem with your service provider. Contact their tech help line. Even if it's not their problem, you will know more about what's wrong after talking to them.
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