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Story about my Bandit-- ideas about what happened?

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About two years after we got Bandit, she got outside. She was gone for three whole days. On a Saturday morning, I was sleeping in and had a dream about looking out the window and seeing Bandit in the back yard coming home. Well, I woke up, looked out the back window, that is exactly what happened. I know it was just coincidence (as I was probably having all sorts of paranoid dreams about losing my kitties and finding them because I was so worried about Bandit), but I still think it's cool.

Anyway, so she came RUNNING in, and seemed okay, except she was very very dirty and sooty. She's a mostly white cat, but you'd think she walked through pure ashes as dirty as she was... her whole legs were almost black. She ate like a horse, I gave her a bath, and I let her just rest in the cat play room (that was when we had an extra bedroom... lol). I decided to examine her more closely that evening. She had blistered paw pads, missing claws, infected claws, a burned/scraped nose, and a really high fever. I could tell just by touching her. Needless to say, I called my vet and he saw her for me that Sunday.

She ended up fine, but for about a year after that, she was really disturbed psychologically. Whatever she encountered out there made her fearful and she hid all the time, and she never came to get pets or sit with us like the other cats.

Now, I am happy to say, she is fully recovered and is more loving than ever, but on her own terms. She especially likes to come up to us when we least expect it... hopping on our laps and wanting to be pet for a few minutes. I'm glad she finally got over it.

I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas what may have happened to her... got caught in a car engine? In a chimney? Abused? What? The vet didn't have any ideas, because he thought she would be dead and would not have survived as long as she did if she got caught in the car. He said the burns and such were obviously a few days old. He also said she would have died if she didn't come home when she did, because she was in worse shape than she looked. :shrug: You know vets, sometimes they pull it out of their a**es too.

Anyway, any ideas? Anybody else ever have their kitty missing for a few days and then have them come back injured like that? I feel so lucky... but at the same time, I am incredibly curious what she was up to those three days.
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I have no idea what would've happened to Bandit. My friend's cat is all white and got into their chimney during renovations -- and turned into a black cat! Pretty funny.

Scratch went missing for about two days after we first got her. She didn't come back injured/pregnant. I still don't know where she went.

I'm sorry about Bandit's injuries but I'm glad she's back to normal.
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Sounds like she might have crawled into someone's chimney while there was a fire burning in it, or someone tourtured her-back then would she walk up to strangers?

Wow, what a scary story! I am so glad that you got her back and well, that is terrible what happened!
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My teufel went missing for two weeks!!
I found him in the basement, i dont know how he survived, but when we found him again he was all skinny!

Now he is my little fat chubba!
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Awl! I am glad you found your kitty, too!

Bandit, when she was still "disturbed," still came to check out guests and such. I have never had a skittish cat that ran away from strangers. Bandit loved and still loves to check out new people, and hang out with them while they are here... especially if they aren't cat people. It's just that she would hide the rest of the time... it was very strange. Maybe she thought it was our fault. Oh, and during that time she was not herself, she was also the patrol cat of the house. At night, she would go to EVERY SINGLE window in the house and peer out, over and over again, obsessively... we called her our security cat. When we had a piano, she would play it nearly every night too... and I swear, she got better at it... she ended up playing things that sounded sort of like scales, whereas when she first discovered the piano, it just sounded random.

I think she's just a little off... But I love her anyway.
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Come to think of it, she probably purposefully went into a fire. When she was a young cat/kitten, she would run through the thru-fireplace while it was ON!!!! (See pic above... she's staring at the fire there.)

So yeah, maybe she's just nuts.
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Maybe she's an arsonist who has been reincarnated!

Mika is obsessed with the fireplace too. We have to make sure the glass doors are closed or we'll find her in there walking around in the ashes and when we have a fire going we keep a close eye on her and the screen closed.
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