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Have you ever had this?

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Lately I've been getting frustrated at work...mainly due to some bad behaviours of my co-workers towards me (and the general public). Some are blatant racists -sharing comments to everyone in the lunchroom and some just never learned proper approach towards handling a situation.

Today did it for me to the point that after this I will be updating my resume and looking for a new position elsewhere (and hopefully closer to home). I received a phone call from the owners son (family owned business BTW) requesting access...I normally don't give out access without someone higher than the person calling requesting it (or by request of our controler). When I wouldn't give it to him without someone else's permission his response was immediate anger and in a condesending manner told me that he does not answer to anyone else, they answer to him and that I need to get it through my head and understand this.

I was so and upset after that conversation. I have never been spoken to like that before. I understand yes, he's the owner's son, BUT I come from environments that structure themselves on authority of title rather than who is whose offspring (PS, he is one of the many sales managers where close to VP or anything).

Anyhoo, has anyone else had a something like this happen?
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Luckily, I am in healthcare and I don't have to worry about stuff like that most of the time... but I am glad you are getting out of there! Best wishes in your job search.
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I used to work in a place that was so bad that employees would have conversations on what job they would rather do. Some of my favorites were: cleaning Porta Potties, cleaning chicken coops, and being the person who gets to throw away the end product after liposuction. Now, you really have to think about your work environment when people would rather clean out Porta Potties then do their job.
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Being the owner's son doesn't give him anything. What a jerk. I've worked in places like that too and I always just said "look, I know your dad is the boss, but you're not your dad" which usually the owner agreed with and realized when his kid was being a brat. My manager hired her own daughter once and that was a total pain, they just sat there and ate and talked to each other all day and she'd make me...clean...the...windowsills...outside. I am still t'd and that was what four years ago???

I would just tell him calmly that you'll be happy to help him if his father calls down for him... that usually shuts'em up.

But you're leaving for bigger and better things, so forget them anyway!
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Thanks! I feel know sometimes you just think you're going crazy and "is it just me??" keeps going through your head. Glad to know there's still others out there like him.

I spent a good part of last night job searching (2 hours) and came up with one job. Ugh. I could've applied to more, but I think I'm done with the Technical Support end.

Hmmm...I wonder if I could hang a dart board and post his picture on it. It would make great stress relief. Oh yea, I think I found somewhere on the server that someone had a backup of that "Punch a Coworker" program. LOL.

Well I'm definitely reporting this to MY boss. The "problem child"'s father is semi-retired living in CA. He comes back maybe 5-6 times a year to reassert himself as President. But he's pretty cool and very nice. I always wonder how people like that produce problem offsprings like his son...
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I know the feeling. I work in a company where a lot of family works. NOt together in the same office but there are a lot of mother daughter or father son relations. When I fisrt got hired on and was having my security clearance done the girl snottily remarked "Everyone around here seems to be family" I just wanted to back hand her!! Her mother works here for pete's sake!!
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Hmm what is he up to? thats what it makes me wonder..
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What a jerk is right! I would've gone right to my boss after the whole call took place and said "hey, I have a question, so & so called and wanted access, I really didn't feel comfortable giving it out without approval from someone else, I tried to explain it to so & so nicely, but they were very angry and very disrespectful, should I give him access in the future? And how should this be handled, because I was following policy as far as I know, and don't want to do something incorrect" this way, your boss is already aware of the situation, you were honest and up front about it, and when someone else comes to your boss about the situation they can say "yes I'm aware, and she followed policy, whether he like it or not" and be on your side!

Good luck job hunting!!!
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Yes, I'm forming the email now (boss is on vaca til Monday). The owner BOSS (yes despite genes, he does have a boss) came to me and polity said that he does need access and then double check with me on the global accesses.

Unfortunately here EVERYONE knows each other. Only 4 of us came in without having to know someone, so it's a tight knit group. Some of the people (not all...i.e. my boss, the engineers, accounting, etc are great to work with) you can tell that they're only here because of friendships/family...they would have no where else to go because of their attitude.
One girl even said this about that owner's son "If it weren't for his dad owning a company, that man would be working someplace where he would have to wear a name tag..." When she said that I couldn't help but to giggle and agree with her.

I'm avoiding him as best as I can today...
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I'm normally a pretty nice person - really! But, I don't take stuff like this sitting down.

Here's what I would do:

I would send an e-mail to my boss (like you already mentioned) but I would be sure to copy the fellow that was rude and his father as well just to let them know where you stand and that you were treated rather poorly. I would make it clear that you don't give out access to anyone unless you have been authorized to do so and that you would like confirmation from your boss or his father that you can do so.
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From various stories I have heard over the years about children working at companies they parents own-well nothing is ever good. The kids always seem whatever their age like spoiled brats and they fell entitled just because their name signs the paychecks!! Good fgor you for holding firm!!
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OK thanks to the responses in my other posts, I'm sending off the email (I like others to proof read before I send off).

What a lovely way for my boss to come back from vacation.

Yes, all the sons (except for one) did hold a job outside of this one before coming here. I think they're personality is what made them come here. Probably they got shot down so much they figured working for Daddy could allow them to treat people as they wish (and pull the "I'm pulling rank" and the "Because of my status with the company".

The last son just graduated college with a degree in Comp Sci...except he claims he doesn't know anything about computers. We tried to get him to help with some's just weird here

Poof! There goes the email!
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I work at a very nice salon, and the owner's ex daughter in law works there, too. She is actually very nice, but her kids are spoiled little demons. They have the run of the place, and one of them actually stood outside the massage room door, screaming to be allowed in to see what was going on "in his Grandma's place." He is 6! Rumor has it that they will be spending a lot of time there during the summer. If that is the case, I will be looking for another job. I have the most down time there, and everyone assumes that I will be glad to hang out with their brats when they have to bring them to work since they are so bad nobody will watch them. One girl let her boyfriend sell her car, and now she has to bum rides to pick up her brat, and pretty much go anywhere. If she can't find anyone to pawn this rotten kid off on, she brings her to work and tells her to stay in the break room, which she never does, or if she does, she annoys anyone trying to take a break. AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
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