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Hi there

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This is such a brilliant site! I`ve posted a couple of things so I thought I`d better introduce myself and my two babies (both round about two years old). Basil is a beautiful sleek black mog that I got from the rescue home and Bilbo is an apricot oriental with spots on his sides and a stripy tail. I got Basil first at about 6 months old and then got Bilbo and his brother (who sadly died in September) a couple of months after. Basil is definitely `top dog` but still plays mummy to Bilbo when he`s in the mood!

Basil loves thundering about the house making a funny burring noise as he takes off (my husband says it`s like his turbo drive) and Bilbo has a passion for rolled up socks and you`ll often find a trail of them all over the house! They are both great fun and very precious.

I tried to attatch a photo but couldn`t as the file was too large so I`ll work on that and post one if I can suss out how to do it!!
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Hi silverrainbow!

If you think the site is brilliant, then you have come to the right place! Glad to have you aboard. I know that you can't post photos that are too large, but you can link to them from other sites. Also, in the Cat Lounge (at the top), there is a thread to direct computer questions to. Maybe someone brainier than me in that dept. can help you. I'm dying to see a photo of Bilbo. He sounds gorgeous.
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Welcome to the site! This place is very addictive, just so you have been warned.

Your cats sounds just wonderful. I can't wait to learn more about them and you.

Hope to see you posting often!
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Hi, silverrainbow! I don't know how, but I overlooked this post! Welcome! My family lives near you, in Bradninch (near Exeter), Devonshire, so I wouldn't want to miss welcoming you to the site. I haven't seen many posts, but I'll look forward to reading them and seeing pictures of your kitties!
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Welcome silverrainbow!

I agree with valanhb - it is addictive. Trust me, I know!!!!! But, it's a harmless and fun addiction.

Hope to talk to you again soon!

Your cats sound adorable!
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