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That was my cat, Babe typing. I am a bit worried about her. She is on a special diet of Hills CD and recently has been having grass dangling from her bottom after she defficates. Has anyone seen this happen to their cats before and what do you do about it. She was just at the vets two weeks ago to get a follow up check for her urine crystals and he found nothing wrong

Thanks Mike & Sheryl
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I'm not sure of the answer, but I bet some of our members can help. I will move this to Health and Nutrition for you
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Thanks Abbys Mom
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My Loki eats grass regularly and that happens - if it's grass just remove it very carefully if you kitty dosen't do herself.

They don't really chew the grass that well and swallow larger pieces and sometimes they come out the way they went in.

Nothing to worry about....
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Actually that is perferable. Cats need to eat grass for the folic acid, but they can not digest the roughage. So it dangles out of their butts.

Gross, but totally understandable.
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Thank you everyone for the feedback. Nice to know that it is a well known problem and nothing to worry about
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Do you let your cat outside? If so, you should be concerned if she is in neighbor's yards and they have treated their lawns with pesticides, weed killer, or fertilizer, etc.
When Zissou eats grass she always pukes it right back up, but she seems to have a compulsion to eat it when she's outside anyway.

You might want to consider getting some potted cat grass for her to nibble so she can get her plant fix safely and you know there's nothing on the grass.
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I would not recommend that you remove the grass by hand. Instead feed fiber with her diet- canned pumpkin, cooked and mashed green beans or yams to move things along. It is never advisable to pull anything out of a cat's rectum, even grass.
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