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Inducing Labour in Queen

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Hi all

I have a queen who has had a mucous-y discharge for 6 days now and her due date was yesterday. So I have made an appointment with my vet to take her in today to see if she needs to be induced. Now he said that there are complications when inducing and kinda hinted towards wanting to do a C-section! What kind of complications could there be that would be worse then a C-section?

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I am not a breeder but I send you and the queen big
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I am not a breeder but I have heard from others that thier vets told them they couldn't induce until their water broke or they were in labor I believe. It mainly only helps make contractions stronger.....

has she been having contractions? how many days is she? don't forget cats can be preg. for 70 days, she may just not be ready if she isn't in labor or pushing. I suggest waiting till she goes into labor. but I am not a vet so maybe because of the discharge but heard they can have that for a bit.........
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