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Kitten Weight?

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Ruby's babies are 4 days old now and I finally got a scale (Wal-Mart has been sold out since Sunday evening, I finally pulled my head out and went to Walgreens ). I was just wondering if anyone knew how much they should weigh at 4 days. I know it's gonna be better to compare their weights day to day from now on. Here are their weights:

Layla (F): 2.5 oz (She's the super runt, but going strong still, I can see that she's grown!)

Hoss (M): 5.5 oz

Shannon (M): 5 oz

Opal (F): 4.5 oz

Jacko (M): 4 oz

Spitfire (F): 4 oz

As you can see, there is some major disparity in their weights. Any advice or information is welcome!
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Here ya go, but keep in mind that individual kittens will gain/lose at individual levels -- so if your kittens are not ~exactly~ as below, it probably isn't a big thing. So long as they are somewhat close.

At birth, kittens should weigh approximately 3 to 3 and a half ounces.

At 1 week weight should be approximately 4 ounces.

At 2 weeks, weight should be approximately 7 ounces

At 3 weeks, weight should be approximately 10 ounces

At 4 weeks weight should be approximately 13 ounces.

At 5 weeks, weight should be approximately 1 pound.

By the end of the 8th week, kittens should weigh approximately 2 pounds.
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that is about right for 4 days. But get this, this is my first litter of kittens who weigh over 7 ounces at 1 week, they are HUGE!! My two litters of kittens from last year weighed the same as yours after 4 days.
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My cute rolly polly is now 9 ounces at a week and 4 days old. My darling complainer girl is 8 ounces
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All of them seem to be right on, except for Layla. But I know she's growing (you can no longer see her ribs through her translucent belly skin.) She weighs less than a newborn should, but I really think she's gonna make it.
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My boys are 6 days old today and they weigh about 5.3 ounces. They are so cute and round
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Well, I weighed them again today! They are now 5 days old.

Layla: 3 oz (up .5oz from yesterday)
Hoss: 6.5 (up 1 oz. from yesterday, he certainly is living up to his name!)
Shannon: 6 oz (up 1 oz. from yesterday)
Opal: 5 oz (up .5 oz from yesterday)
Jacko: 5 oz (up 1 oz. from yesterday)
Spitfire: 4.5 oz. (up .5 oz from yesterday)

Apparently they are all thriving!!! I can't beleive that 3 of them are up a full oz. in just over 24 hours! Ruby must have some good milk.
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