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Male Kitten 5 months old peeing and pooping in laundry and on all beds in the house

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My little Louie is peeing and pooping in the laundry baskets and has pee'd in all the beds except for baby's bed. Help. We got Louie from a farm down the road when he was about 5 weeks old. He is very affectionate and uses the litter box on occasion. We also have one of his little girlfriends from the same farm, but she is a runt and is doing great. I need some serious help. My mom wants to get rid of him.
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First get both the male and his sister spayed/neutered before they breed and you have a pregnant kitten. He may be an early bloomer and marking his territory.

Confine him to one room until he uses the litter pan consistantly.
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You need to do some serious training ! Are you able to monitor his behaviour ? or during time when you are not there, keep him in a room.

He´s had a great time down on the farm, now he´s at school and needs some tutoring !
If you can monitor his behaviour then you will see when he needs to use the litter, pick him up and place him in the box, this needs to be re-inforced as often as possible so he gets the message. Then lots of love and praise.Try to keep all doors shut where he can get access to the beds and other places you have mentioned. Also you will need to make sure his smell is totally removed from these areas, he´s made his mark and will carry on if he has access. When he is old enough it is best to arrange to get him neutered.

If you keep him in one room, then it should be fairly bare, with litter box,food, water, toys and somewhere for him to sleep. You will be able to tell if the training is working. Pls note this is not a punishment and keeping in the room is only while he is not attended. DO not panic if you dont get result straight away, he needs time, love and patience. You will get there, just need to keep your beady eyes on him !! GOOD LUCK !!
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If you catch him mid-squat pick him up (yes while he is doing the deed) and quickly place him in the litter box. He should learn quickly that he is supposed to go the the bathroom in the litter pan and not on your bed or clothes. Also be sure to clean the ares he has peed on with a product designed to clean cat pee since he will stilll be able to smell where he went and go there again.
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You don't say whether he is nuetered or whether this is a new behavior. I am assuming that because you have had him for 5 months, that his peeing and pooping in bad places is something new.

When we see inappropriate peeing and pooping it is most often a sign of illness. So, the first thing you need to do is to take your cat to the vet and tell the vet what he is doing. This way the vet will know to sample the cat's urine and feces to see whether he is ill. If your cat is sick, then medications should stop the problem.

If the vet finds that your cat is healthy, please click here and then click on the two threads which discuss inappropriate urination and poop problems. These threads will tell you how to solve these problems.

But -- and this is very important -- if your cat is not neutered, it is likely that he is peeing and pooping on your stuff to mark his territory. Once he is neutered this behavior will almost certainly go away.
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Has he had this problem since he was 5 weeks old? Or is this a recent development?
He is a bit young at 5 months to have developed a urinary tract infection (UTI) but it's definitely something to get checked out at the vet. If that comes back negative, then as others have said, I would work on keeping him confined to one room until he's retrained to use the litterbox 100%.

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My mom brought Louie back to the farm
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