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discharge from female kitty

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My littl female cat, Georgia has been having a vaginal discharge for over a week. I took her to the vet, he said it was just an irritation. It is rusty reddish looking, and there seems to be a lot of it. The vet didn't seem very worried about. She doesn't seem to be in pain, is eating, playing, and littering normally. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? She will be spayed soon, I didn't want to have her recovering from surgery during a move, but the move was delayed, thus spaying delayed. I trust this vet, but I find this disturbing, and gross, it is getting all over my house.
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You do not sound very confortable with his way of handling her problem - I would not either!!!

No disrespect but I would get a second opinion from another Vet.

Good luck and plenty of xoxoxo to your baby..
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I would go and see another vet right away. It's not normal for cats to have a discharge. It sounds as if it may be an infection of the uterus. If something like this is left untreated, cats can become very ill.
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krazy kat2:

How is your little one? Did you take her to another VET?
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She seems to be ok, but we are keeping the appointment anyway. Whatever it was has stopped, but she still needs to be seen. It stopped after a couple of days, like the vet said it would, but I still want to know what it was. They have a vet in this office that specializes in cats, he was away at the time. I want him to see her. Thanks for asking.
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You are dsefinately doing the right thing - let us know what the vet said. Good luck
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Something that sounds similar happened with my cat a few weeks after I adopted her. I noticed a reddish discharge and drops on the floor here and there. She had actually given birth to a kitten and it was the fluids clearing from her system. (I had no idea she had even been pregnant, it turned out bad as the kitten died before I found it). But, thats probably not your situation... just thought I would mention a possibility.
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Oh something I forgot. My vet says that there are some female cats that do have a menstral discharge but that it is rare with cats.
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The second vet said it must have been some sort of irritation, and that he could see or feel nothing abnormal. It had stopped by the time she was seen. She is fine. Naughty as ever! Thanks for asking.
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Glad that Georgia will be ok
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