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my cat not accepting new cat

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hi I am new here I have 2 cats and am trying to introduce a new one my 2 are 6 & 9 both female, our new cat is 1 1/2 year old male,they are all fixed. I did everything suggested. its not working. been almost 2 weeks. my 6 year old tries to attack under the door she goes attack crazy when she sees him, she couldn't get him, so she went to other end of house and attacked my 9 year old, never done this before they are friends.is there light at the end of this? I'm tired, been sleeping in living room to keep my cat away from door, new cat is in bedroom door doesn't latch good. help
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Welcome to The Cat Site!

You say you did everything suggested. Please tell us what this was (there are lots of suggestions out there, so knowing what you actually did in your introductions of the cats will help us help you).

By the way, when your young cat attacked your older cat, this was an example of what is called redirected aggression. This happens when the cat goes into attack mode (after seeing the intruder) and because she cannot get to the intruder the only way to get it out of her system is to attack the next best thing -- the other cat or whichever human is close by.

Anyway, give us a bit more information and we will see what we can do to help.
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thanks I mean I separated them, did the scent thing with the towel, his scent doesn't seem to bother her she will sleep on it, only when she sees him she loses it. she is also deaf.I also did the room switch and feeding near the door. moved the dishes closer today and she attacked under the door.I have never run into this before, had cats all my life. maybe she is mad that he is in our bedroom?
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2 weeks isn't a terribly long time for an introduction. We actually separated Bijou and Mika for a full month before allowing them to be together for an extended period of time.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
2 weeks isn't a terribly long time for an introduction. We actually separated Bijou and Mika for a full month before allowing them to be together for an extended period of time.
I may not be as qualfied as some of the others on the forum, but I have 4 cats, all whom I added to the household one at a time. Each cat that came home was quarantined for only a couple days. When indroductions came about, we supervised and it took the cats about a week or 2 to get used to each other. But, when I brought home Dot, (she was 1 year), she really picked on my 1st cat for 2 months. Sera (#1) was the alpha cat. Dot was a little younger and a little tougher. They finally got it worked out and now I would say Dot is the alpha cat in out house now. I just made sure Sera never got hurt, but they had to have a few scuffles before Sera relinquished her place in the order. We gave her lots of love and treats to let her know it was okay. There were even times when Dot would get "grounded" to a room if she was really giving Sera a hard time. THe funny thing was Dot was so sweet to Mallory (#3) from the beginning. She would lick her and lay with her, but she didn't like Sera. But, after a couple of months, it was all worked out. Everyone is happy and fine.

Good luck to you. Oh! I almost forgot our biggest secret...we give the cats 1 can of wet food every morning to share. (separate bowls of coarse) I really think feeding them this treat all in the same place with the "human" standing over, taught them all that they are loved and special and eased their stress.
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I know how this is, I'm in the middle of introducing my cat to my new roommates cat. I would say keep at it for a while. Feeding them together seemed to help my cat get along. Don't start too close, but if they won't eat wait until they are hungrier and try again. We had Mic upstairs for a few weeks before we started the major introductions. Long enough so that the resident cat go used to the other cat being there, and so he wouldn't even really mind if the other cat was behind the door. I thought it was going to be hopeless but it seems to be going okay right now (crossing fingers), they are kind of play fighting, trying to workout their heirarchy but nothing violent. Keep at it, hopefully everything will work out for you
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I too have had the same problem. I hate to start a new thread when this one is already here.

I have 2 indoor cats - one is a 4 yr old male and the other is a 3 yr old female. Last year, I rescued my third baby, Jasper. He was about 4 years old when I found him. He loves being outside and at the time I found him I was not sure I wanted to bring him indoors. I had him neutered immediately and thought I'd just keep him as an outdoor cat.
A few months later, I started feeling guilty that he was outside and wanted to bring him in. I tried bringing his bedding indoors to let the others get used to his scent. Every night I also bring Jasper in the garage to keep the other tom-cats and dogs in the neighborhood from fighting with him so the indoor cats know he's there and smell him.
I have tried letting them smell each other with the storm door cracked to see how they reacted. The two males batted at each other rather forcefully and the female cat hisses and runs away. I really dont' know if this behavior is ok or not!

I am scared to death to try bringing Jasper in for a face to face intro. I'm afraid the two male cats would get in a horrible fight and hurt each other. They are all neutered/spayed but what am I going to to if they rip each other to shreds? How should I handle this.

It has been almost a year since I rescued Jasper. Is it too late??

Sorry this turned out to be so lengthy.
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thank you for the help I to am afraid they will hurt each other, my 5 year olds eyes turn red when she sees him under the door its not getting any better would his size or that he is a siamese make a difference? he is big 16 Lbs.my 5 year old is 11 Lbs long haired, pure white with blue eyes and the queen of her house. the new siamese is getting restless, I do lock the other cats up and let him run in the rest of the house to get exercise but I guess not enough,when we are in the room with him he wants to play rough, he plays too rough, bit my husband hard broke skin twice, got him from a private ad, free to good home.they did not have enough time for him,gone alot We did not discuss what if it didn't work out, this is really stressing me out, trying to prevent a fight, thanks for letting me vent
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thought i'd add to the thread as i have a similiar problem. new kitty has been home for three weeks now (10 weeks old) and my resident 16 year old isn't too happy. The feliway plug in has helped a lot. I introduced them very slowly and still keep the kitten in a seperate room overnight and when i'm out of the house. They are both happy when i feed them together and can sleep within a few feet of each other. The problem comes when the little one is wanting to play. She chases Tab around the house, trying to bite her tail. Tab swipes at her and hisses but fortunately with her claws in. She can't stand to see Tab get any attention from me either and jumps on her whenever i try to stroke her. I know i shouldn't have introduced a kitten to such an elderly cat but unfortunately i didn't realise that until it was too late. I can accept that they'll never be good friends but i'm worried that the kitten will continue to torment Tab when she's fully grown and it might get a bit vicious. Also i feel really sorry for Tab because she spends most of her time in the bedroom away from me now in an attempt to avoid Cleo. Any tips?
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In response to yorkiegal, I had a problem like this also. My girlfriend took in her childhood cat when her parents couldn't keep her anymore and she was pretty old. Then we adopted Ruxpin who was a kitten, obviously we didn't do any reading about the subject before hand either. Roxie apparently had some bad experiences with other cats and took it out on Ruxpin, also we didn't do a very good job with the introductions either. They never really got along but we eventually found a routine that works for them. Roxie was always an outside cat so she goes out alot, and to make her feel special she gets to sleep with us, and Ruxpin gets all of the rest of the time in the house. I always wished that they would get along better but even after we started reading in cat books and on the internet it seemed like it was too late, nothing too.

My advice is to read as much as you can about the subject and hopefully you'll find something that works, oh and start early. Recently my girlfriend and I had to get new roommates who have a cat, and we were -really- worried about that. But we did all of the recommended stuff and Ruxpin and Mic the new cat, seem to be getting along pretty darn well so far. Roxie of course doesn't want anything to do with either of them, but we were worried that Ruxpin might have been scared by his experiences with Roxie and not get along with other cats. It's taken a while for them to get were they are, and they aren't best friends yet, but they aren't fighting and they can sleep/groom with the other in the room.
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thanks. tab does go out every day, just in the back garden, and i spend some quality time with her then whilst Cleo paws at the window and i'm guessing shouts abuse at us both lol.
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