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In Memory of Max...

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I also lost my little Max......so this is in memory of him. He was the sweetest little soul. I miss him so much...
Max....1/1/93 - 1/1/06

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What a photogenic face Max

Rest assured he's over the bridge with Buster now who's taking good care of him
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Rest in Peace Max..Your momma misses you.
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Awww, just know that he can never be in any pain ever again, and that you two will meet again someday.
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I hope little Max plays and has fun at the RB.
Thats horrible that he died on his birthday!
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There's a little story behind him passing on his birthday....we found out in November that he had liver cancer and they expected him to live only 1-2 months. Each day we would discuss how much we hoped he'd be with us for Christmas...then Christmas came and went and we would talk about how we were so thankful he had been with us for Christmas and wouldn't it be wonderful if he was with us on his birthday.....the morning of his birthday he seemd great - we sang to him and he played some. Then by 1pm he started to show the signs that he was very, very sick. I always promised him I wouldn't let him suffer and I would say to him, "Max, you need to let mommy know when it's time"...well he was letting me know and that sweet little soul held on until that very day because he knew that's what WE wanted.....I truly believe it was his way of letting us know that and that was his gift to US, that he had done what he always heard us talking and wishing for...

Daddy and Max....

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What a precious cat. I am so sorry for your loss. God grant you peace and comfort in your heart. Hugs.
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That was a beautiful tribute to your beloved Max.
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Sounds like Max was a very special kitty. He is lucky to have been so cherished. Rest in peace, Max. You will meet up with my black kitty Mattie over the bridge, and she can show you the sunny spots to nap!
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Aww, he was lovely - I have a soft spot for pure blacks. It is good that you got that extra time with him, and it does sound like he held on for you - he knew he had wonderful parents who wouldn't let him suffer, and he is now with his brother - I am sure they will be reminding each other of how they can't wait to see you again.
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