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Only in Canada eh!

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There was nothing on TV at 8 pm last night so I began to flip the channels. Guess what I came across. The International Beer Games! It was hosted by Canada and there were 15 international teams competing (eg USA, Ireland, Jamaica, Greece, Poland, Canada). There were 5 members per team and the had different events like a chugging contest and an empty beer can toss. It was hilarious! Canada won (of course) followed by USA and Poland. Doesn't that make you proud? Was this on in the States?
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My dad was telling me that he watched that show last night too

Of course Canada won We know how to appreciate our beer!

Speaking of beer, has anyone seen the new Molson's Canadian commercial? The one with the two Americans and the Canadian at the bar? They're teasing him saying 'Hey! A Canuck! Wheres your pet beaver?' So the Canadian guy says 'Here' and plunks a beaver down on the bar and it attacks one of the Americans I thought it was funny
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I love that one. I also love the one were the Molson commercial with the Canadian guy at a party in America and an American woman asks if he knows Glen, plays hockey, works in an office says eh alot. He is response is classic - Oh Office Glen - He's dead and then he walks away. Then of course the Tag line "I am Canadian". Like Canadians know all other Canadians.
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That's weird. You mean you don't? I know everyone in the U.S. Let's see; there's Adam, Al, Avery, ........Or should I go by state? How much time do you guys have???? All right, let's start with the Northeast. In Maine....Aaron..
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Being mocked by our American friends AGAIN!LOL No I don't live in an igloo, I don't play hockey and there are no moose in my back yard!
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You really get Americans asking you if you have moose in your backyard! I can't believe that!

You know Americans are like that to other Americans. A couple of times when I was younger and was visiting up North I got a couple of these:

"Where are your cowboy boots and cowboy hat?"
"Do you ride a horse to school?"
"Are there tumbleweeds everywhere?"
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Yup it is asked indeed. We have a political satire show called This Hour has 22 Minutes. It is hilarious! 1 segment that they used to have was "Talking to Americans". They would go on location to American cities and tell these outlandish tales of Canada that Americans would buy and get the Americans to congratulate or beg for change in policy dependant on the story. For example once they got the Americans to plead with the Canadian government to stop the practice of putting our seniors out on ice flows to die when they became useless. They also got the Governor of Iowa (sorry Debby - but they got right in his office and talked to him) to congratulate Canada on going from a 23 hour to a 24 hour clock. He offered a very sincere congratulations.
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Oh, Adrienne, That's funny!! There are dumb people everywhere though, aren't there? My Uncle Charles Kerr lived in Canada, so I'm sure you knew him. His son worked at Loblaw's in Toronto. You know, the one on the side street. He was the manager, and everyone knew him.
Actually, I spent my honeymoon in Toronto and almost everyone wore shoes. The icebergs were a few miles north, so we didn't have to worry about them. Our cousins allowed us to stay in their spare igloo, even though we insisted on going to the Ice Palace Hotel down town. One nice thing --the pop was always cold.
OOOOOhhhhhh!!!!!! I'll have to leave you now. My tongue has poked a hole through my cheek. OWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!
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People make way too many generalizations. I went to a Lutheran college, and everywhere I went people would find out and ask "Do you know my cousin's husband's uncle's friend? They are Lutheran." Like every Lutheran in the world knows each other.

This also reminds me of a story my parents told me. They moved out to Colorado in the early 70s. They had some friend's coming out to visit from the east coast who were convinced that raging hordes of Indians still roamed the West. When they drove into the state, there happened to be a Western film being shot a little way off the highway, complete with cowboys and Indians on horseback shooting it out! Dad said it took them the whole visit to convince the wife that it really is civilized out here, and she could leave the house without worrying about being kidnapped and enslaved by Indians. :laughing2:

BTW, I don't think we have those Molson commercials down here in the US. They sound hilarious, but most people can't laugh at themselves like that. I love the Canadian sense of humor! You guys are great - a little on the wild side, but great!
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Everyone in Chicago knows Michael Jordan and Oprah. Honest.

Actually, Michael (as he's known here, no last name, just Michael) has been such a boon for us. Until he came along, the person most associated with Chicago was Al Capone. Hardly anyone I meet anywhere else mentions Al anymore. It's all Michael. And sometimes Oprah.
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That's because Oprah and Stedman are on the outs... EVERYONE knows that all of her popularity was because of him...., oh, and that time she pulled a wagon with 200lbs of fat on stage with her...

OH for our friends from Canaduh

Oprah has a talk show, Stedman was her boyfriend, Al was a gangster and Michael is a B A S K E T B A L L player

Ya'll REALLY have mooses in your backyards?????

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Ken, You're very, very bad. You're worse than I am. Everyone knows that the plural of moose is moose. Yes, that IS what I meant! (No, it isn't meese!)

Guess what, Heidi? I'm a Lutheran too. I guess you're the only one I didn't know. Thank goodness we know each other now.
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Several years ago, my car was searched at Canadian Customs. We had a Tombstone plate on the car (we lived there). The border guard assumed that people from Tombstone had weapons with them. At the time, we were visiting my ex's mother, in Buffalo. We KNEW better than to bring our guns to New York State, much less Canada!! I think I'll stay in Arizona. Here, we let the GOOD GUYS shoot back!
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Ken - I have a cat who is as chunky as a moose. Does that count?
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Close enough for me!

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Americans (United States-ians?) aren't quite as ugly as they seem to be portrayed in Canada. My husband and had our honeymoon in Scotland. On the train we overheard some people making fun of the way people from the states butcher the English language (and if they think Texans are bad, Philadelphians are MUCH worse... YIIIIIIEEEEEAAAAAAAAA). We actually were tempted to go over to them and them them how to REALLY butcher the English language. (Missed opportunity, oh well.) Later (on that same trip) we did share a facing seat with a Scottish girl. We had a blast making fun of our homelands.
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If you can't mock your own homeland you have no business mocking anyone else IMO. Since Canadians love to poke fun at themselves it makes everyone else fair game!
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My Bill is from Texas and HE tells more Texas jokes than I do!
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I am originally from Georgia and have a heavy Southern accent. I moved to Kansas City and no one could understand me! And everybody thought I was a dumbass redneck! I had one weird little man that would stand for hours behind my register just to listen to me talk. I actually had some tobacco chewing overall and brogan wearing hillbilly approach me in line at Wal-Mart. This was the conversation.
HB "is you southern? i heard southern gals was fun,you wanna get a beer sometime?"
Me "No, my Daddy won't let me date outside the family."
You should have seen the look on this moron's face! Priceless!
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What a come-back! Good for you, krazy kat2 !
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what ??? a beer festival , and no Belgian entry ????????????????
Unbelievable !!
Does anyone know that we Belgians produce the record in brands of beer per person ??? Almost every village around here produces at least one brand !!! i live in Lochristi , and here there is Reinaert- bier .
Come on everybody , plan a visit to my country and be sure to taste our beers !!!!

ps. I do not drink any ; gives me migraines ; but I used to love KRIEK (is a beer with a taste of cherries --> super !!) !
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Sydney - there was a Belguim team but they didn't place in the top 5 - Sorry!
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