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My new Furbaby....

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Hey all,

It's been a while since I've managed to be online long enough to actually post and catch up in here. I thought I'd share the story and a couple of pics of the newest member of my Furfamily. As some will know, I have Corty and Rascal......they're in my siggy. Well, Corty isn't really the playing with other cats type of cat, and Rascal is. We were living at my parents place for a while, where Rascal took a real shining to my mum's cat (9 year old DSH, Sooty). We moved out again about a month ago, and Rascal has been pacing around looking and calling out for his mate.

I got some advice from vets/a friend who breeds/and pretty much anyone else who would listen LOL. They all suggested getting him a playmate.

So a friend of mine took me today to a cat shelter, "Just to have a look". I so wanted to bring them all home, so many sad faces, and I am convinced they know what it means when someone walks through the cages..... There was one little girl though, who just stole my heart and I had to bring her home. She is a 2 year old (didn't want a kitten since Rascal is 5 and Corty 6) Ginger and white DSH, who had been dropped off at the shelter about a month ago "Because her owners changed their minds about owning a cat" (Geez that makes me mad)....

Her name was Mustard apparently, which I really don't any suggestions on a new name for her would be welcomed. And she is such a smoochy cat. She hasn't met Corty and Rascal yet, I have set her up a room for herself for a little while, she has all the comforts she may need, her own litter tray, food, water, a basket, scratching pole and some new toys of her own.

I thought I would let her settle in to her new home, get used to me, get over the trauma of moving (again) and that kind of thing before I tried any introductions. Am I doing the right thing with that idea?

Well, any ideas/suggestions etc in relation to how to introduce, if I am doing the right thing keeping her locked away, a name or anything would be welcomed.

Thanks for reading, and here are her pics!

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Hey Emma!, your new kitty is adorable....sounds like you are on the right track with helping her get used to her new home. As far as names...she looks like a Pumpkin or Marmalade to me!!
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ohh she's gorgeous so glad you've given her a good home..

as for a name i suggest Butterscotch- Butters for short
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Aww, what a great story, and such a pretty girl! (I'm partial to orange kitties!) You're definately doing the right thing keeping her seperated from them for now. This way she'll have a "safe room" if she gets upset or freaked out. I wish you the best of luck and I hope Rascal likes his new friend. As for a name, I'd suggest "Sassy"...she just has that look to her, lol! =D
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What a lovely girl! that's neat how much she looks like Rascal! love the orange nose I like Pumpkin too!
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She does look like Rascal Alot, she's a doll.
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She is very beautiful - congrats.

Below a link on how to introduce...
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Wow, she looks so much like Rascal!

I like the name Butters - how cute!
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What a doll I love her coloring!! That is so awesome you rescued her!!
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She's so pretty!
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Thanks for all the name suggestions guys......I was sitting with her yesterday and it just came to me........her new name is "Tahlee" I don't know where it came from, it just did LOL.
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Glad you found that beautiful kitty and saved her from the shelter. She is so cute she favors my Tavia. And I love her name. Hope her and Rascal hit it off.
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Unfortunately I don't know how they'll get along, the intro process has been put back a bit by her being sick and ending up in the hospital.....
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Congradulation on adopting your new kitty! She's such a pretty little thing! She's definitely lucky to have you looking after her!
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Thanks everyone. She really is the most affectionate little thing, I just wanna be able to bring her back home
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aww se is sooo cute good luck and hope she gets well soon
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