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I think my Goldfish were electrocuted!

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I noticed that the heater I have in the tank was cracked off the other day when I went to change the filter and a buzzy feeling went through my arm. I cannot imagine what it did to the fish!! One died the next day and they are all swimming around their tank in a daze, not very active. I wonder if there were electrical currents running in the water until I realized what happened and unpluged the heater and threw it away! I mean the electrical coils were exposed for who knows how long. It would be like dropping a hair dryer into the bathtub while you are sitting in it right? I bet the fish that died actually brushed up against the exposed coils.

I am a fish killer
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Oh no!!! It was not your fault, you didn't know! Don't blame yourself for something like that, you didn't realize it, we are only human and mae mistakes, that is how we learn.

Please don't blame it on yourself!!!!
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Ahhh that's really to bad, but you know you would have never neglected anything had you know it. We can't alway's blame ourselves.
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Oh no!!, that's so terrible...but not your fault, just a very unfourtunate accident
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I might just have to go get one more goldfish now to liven up the group a bit, they seemed really depressed if that is possible.
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Lol, Fish Killer!!!!

(If it makes you feel any better, i've accidently killed a few bettas when i tried out a new betta formula that was supposed to keep their tanks nicer and them more healthy....last time i take advice from the "fish experts" at superpetz!)
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Aww don't feel bad. Here is a similar story to help you feel better. When my fiance and I first got together he bought me a fish from Wal Mart as a gift. (Not the best place to get a fish but it was a nice gesture) Anyways he had HUGE bugged eyes and they were crossed and I named him Henry. To make Henry's bowl more 'homey' I put in a small plant and pretty rocks with him. Needless to say, he poked his own eyes out on the plant and thentried to eat the plant (which was plastic) and died. Talk about feeling horrible.

So you're not the only "fish killer" if you will call it that. lol. Don't feel bad. I'm sure he enjoyed his bowl till his last bubble. And he knew you cared!
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It looks like my calico goldfish and the big googly eyed goldfish made it okay. The googly eyed one was turned upside down for a day and a half. I saw him first turned upside down in the corner of the tank next to a creature sculpture I have in there. I thought he was dying and I was feeling all sad that there was nothing I could do. So the next day I went down stairs and it looked like the gulping stopped and he was dead so I moved the sculpture over to get him out and he swam up to the top really fast like he always does when he is looking for food. So i fed him and he ate most of it all.

He was stuck I guess. Now I really feel like a jerk...

But they are all okay except for the one who died from the electrocution.
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Don't feel bad!

my parent's fish tank heater spazzed out and basically stopped regulating itself and brought the water temp up to 90ish degrees and sadly cooked all the fish.

It also happened right before my brother was coming for a visit on break after boot camp (the fish tank was kept in his room).

It was pretty tragic, but no one's fault.

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I've "bumped off" more than my fair share of goldfish, so don't feel bad (switched to tetras-harder to kill -but goldfish are still my favorites. I'm just glad you didn't end up like your fish!
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