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Might be getting a new kitty

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Well, we have tried literally everything with Puppy and his all-night meowing problem. He's not that interested in the new cat tree (though the cardboard box it came in kept him busy for an hour).

Basically, we now have the choice of kitty meds or a kitty friend. We don't want to medicate, but we're nervous about getting him a friend.

Luckily, we met someone at work who RUNS a shelter! He has a dozen cats living in his home. We're considering asking if we can just foster for a month to test out a new cat with Puppy. I like this option, since he knows the cats personalities really well, and we won't feel too awful if it doesn't work out.

So opinions...

1) Do we talk Puppy to the house to meet the cats, or do we pick one out and bring it home to him?

2) Older or younger cat?

3) Male or female?

4) Hyper, like Puppy, or more laid back?

For those who haven't read the previous thread, Puppy is a neutered male CAT. He's just over one year old, and he's huge (tall, not fat). He is a front paw declaw. He meows all night long and may have some mental issues. We live in a small one bedroom apartment with no outdoor access (except with us on a leash). Currently, the apartment has two people, one cat, and one turtle.
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Hi, great idea (but remember it can ~ 2 wks or more for them to accept each other). Definitely a laid back one, younger male or older female (but not by a lot). Definitely at your place - Puppy will only be freaked out by the new surroundings and the other cats (all 11 of them!) will intimidate the heck out of him being in their space. He has to remain #1 at home after all.
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