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Heres my little man. He's 8. Got him when he was 6 weeks from the humane society in Los Angeles. Poor guy has lots of urinary problems but we're dealing with it.

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He's a handsome boy!!
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He's a cutie pie, love the last pic.
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Wow that is one big handsome baby there
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Handsome Man! love the bib
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Oh he is so cute!! Thank you for adopting him. He will be eternally grateful!!
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What a cutiepie!!
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He's stunning!
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Handsome handsome - hope he is feeling better !
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Fixed the pic widths to conform to the forum rules.
Added a few more too!

Motor is doing fine. He's so used to having bladder infections that he seems to function relatively normal when he has one. Pretty sure he got all stressed out because I went away for the weekend.

thanks for the compliments. Its appreciated.
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He is so puurrty!!
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What color are his eyes? They look pale green/mint green! How cool!
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they are that greenish/yellow a lot like the 2nd and 3rd pics.

He's such a good boy. Talks a lot.. responds much like a dog too.
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He is sooo handsome!!!
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