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I met Airprincess!!!

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Just wanted to let eveyone know that airprincess is just as nice in person as she is here on TCS.
At the last minute, work sent her to Providence RI and I happen to be on my way to MA that same day. I decided to meet her at the airport and have dinner with her on the way.
We had fun getting lost in Providence for a few hours and then went to find a place to eat. We found this place that you can pick out your own stir fry ingredients and they put it on a HUGE round skillet thing. I think it's called Fire and Ice or something like that.
I can't wait until she gets to come this way again. It just goes to show, you can find frinds via internet
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Wahey, nice to hear that! I've met Sydney the kid, and she's a nice woman too! Goes to prove that Internet isn't always bad
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Sounds like you guys had a great time!!! That is so cool you got to meet each other!!
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No, fair! I'm jealous! There are so many people on here that I want to meet, but I am so far away from most everyone on here.
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Thats great that you two got to meet each other! Maybe someday we'll all be able to have a Cat Site reunion somewhere.
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I'm jealous too!

It sounds like you had a great time, and I'm glad you two were able to get together!
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it was so nice having dinner with Sandie I wish we would have had more time! The place that we ate at was very interesting and we had fun people watching :laughing:

Luckily I get to travel for my job so maybe I'll be seeing some of you other members!
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But glad the two of you finally met. She says you are as nice as can be Sandie.
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LOL MA, I guess it may depend on your definition of "nice".
I just thought it was SO fun to meet someone I have been talking to on the internet and phone for about a year.
Colby is someone I would definatley hang out with if she were closer. Hopefully next time we can plan a whole day or weekend.
It would be great if at some point everyone could meet for a TCS event. Pick somewhere in the middle of the states or something
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:laughing: you ARE nice Sandie! but in a hilarious, fun to be around, no stick up the a$$ kind of way! My kind of way!

look out, because I will definitly be back!
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LOL Colby I never thought of myself in that way:laughing: I am sure if we had a chance, we could get into some real trouble
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What, you mean there are actual people writing these posts? You're not just figments of my imagination?

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