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Is there such a thing as spoilin the kitty too much?

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Ok, so a few hrs ago Layla was sleeping in room then woke up to see what I was doing. As I usually do when she just wakes up, I pick her up and snuggle her in my arms and eventually and gently, put her down and watch her head down the stair. So Layla goes downstairs and eats and I tend to my business upstairs when suddenly I hear this moany meow. The same meow she uses when she plays with something, looses it then comes crying to me about it. So, I stop at the stairway asking Layla what's wrong and she races up the stairs to me and just sit at my feet. And guess what I do?
I pick her up and cuddle again to which she gives a satisfy smirk.
::sighs:: I do belive I spoil my pookie a lil too much sometimes.
But she's so darn cute!
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Yeesh. I know what you mean. Both my girls will cry cry cry when they want me to pay special attention to them. On the one hand, I'm training my cats to be very spoiled and demanding little girls. On the other hand, I have loving cats who regularly seek out my affection. I guess it just depends how you look at it.

Layla sounds downright adorable. Do you have a thread with pictures of her?
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I think it's totally ok to spoil your's only a problem if someone else has to take care of them when your away... My baby is chatty-cathy and is constantly meowing, especially in the morning. She hops on the bed Meow meow! Hubby's like "shhhhh", but she doesn't care.
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Omg that totally sounds like something I would do with one of my cats. Mouse (the little kitten) will cry and cry until I pick her up and then she's happy as a clam. She knows I can't resist picking her up, she is going to be the most spoiled adult cat ever. My Reba is like that too... totally spoiled.. I'm told it's wrong but it feels so good (I think Hubby spoils my cats more than I do, maybe that's part of the problem LOL)
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I've got one (Gracie) who has me trained to come to wherever she is by meowing pitfully at the top of her lungs like she's a lonely, neglected little kitty. Then, I pick her up, snuggle her, tell her how pretty she is and get lots of kisses in return. Yeah, she's spoiled.
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My wobbly little Forest is my best trainer. I worry about him because, with his CH, I'm afraid of him falling and hurting himself. So when he starts yowling, I always end up going to find out what's wrong. It's usually because he's lost his toy under something and wants me to dig it out or he wants some extra attention. Lately, he'll sit at the bottom of the stairs at night and cry because he wants me to turn on the hallway light so he can see better to get up the stairs and into bed with us. I fall for it EVERY time.
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After a very short time with cats in my life I came to this conclusion:

If cats weren't meant to be spoiled, they wouldn't insist on it.

Yeah, my two are excessively spoiled. They know they can wake us up at 2:00 in the morning because they want snuggles, and we'll just love on them.
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I couldn't resist Layla's sweet little face. I would never get anything done if she were meowing at me for attention. Mine have become such little stinkers, I don't get nearly enough kitty attention any more.
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Im glad to know it's a good thing to spoil the kittibabies!
My mom's always griping on me about how much I spoil Layla too much.
She just doesn't understand like you guys do.
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Now if you were to ask my crazy rents' what they think,.....

They'd say cats weren't meant to be handled. But these are the same people that lock their cats up in a hot garage all day and leave a poor 4 week old kitten out in the hot sun in a plastic box all day. (I've posted about this before too).


My cats....are both spoiled rotten and you can ask any of my friends that I know from when I lived in MD and was in the AF. They always used to tell me I spoiled my cats.

Pearl follows me around. If I'm not in the same room as her and she wakes up she walks around meowing till she find me.

Just a little bit ago she was napping on my shoulder. Well her head was on my shoulder..her body was draped across my chest and abdomen.

Pandora is the same, but she prefers to sleep on my feet.

Both of them despise it when we leave the house.
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Oh my boys are totally spoiled, but it just has to be that way. They give us countless hours of entertainment, and joy. The least we can do for them is hold them, buy them toys, feed them top quality food, clean up after their poo and pee, let them sleep with us, and allow them to do almost what ever they want because they are cute. If they were human and we were cats they would spoil us too.
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Spoiling isn't bad unless it's with treats or food - you might end up with a little pudge ball. If you're spoling her with hugs, that's just plain cute. Sometimes I wish my boys were more like that - they're not big on the snuggling. Sherm follows me around though, he's almost always in the same room as me.

Yep, cat's always seem to get away with everything because of their cuteness. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be just as cute as my kitties. I mean, I'm constantly hugging them and telling them how adorable they are. It might get kind of annoying.
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I usually go to bed alone, and wake up with a very fat Cody laying across my neck, on my side, up against my back, between my ankles, or just beside of me. Dolly either sleeps beside of me or at my feet. On weekends (and yes Cody know weekend apart from week days!) Cody will wake me up in the morning by doing the most pathetic meow EVER! And I sleep very, very hard, it is not unusual for me to sleep through a thunder storm, but for some reason Cody's pathetic meow is better than an alarm clock for me. And the sole purpose of him waking me up? Hugs and kisses.

He follows me everywhere, and if I shut him in the bedroom-say I am about to go in the living room and he's sleeping on the bed, once he realizes that I am no longer in the same room as him he cries at the door, and of course, mommy comes a running! LOL! Also when I had the kittens out to explore the room, and one gets lost they start SCREAMING their little heads off, and I will do the cat call (here kitty, kitty, kitty) and the one that's lost will come running to me as fast as their little legs can carry them!

Cat's use to be worshipped in Egypt man, many years ago, and they have not forgot it-a quote I found when I was looking up kitty quotes for my siggy.
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Also I just bought two of those small, light weight blankets for myself, and now Cody has decided that those are HIS blankets, LOL! He is sleeping right in the middle of one right now-such a big baby! Oh, here we go-a pic!

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Cody is precious! What a handsome boy.

Yes, I agree cats are supposed to be spoiled. I swear I pay more attention to Bijou and Mika than I do to my husband and daughter. If I ignore Bijou in the evenings, he'll come to the computer room, climb on my chest and start suckling on my neck. Naturally all computer activity on my part stops because it's difficult to type and hold a 16 lb cat on your chest while you are sitting up. Would I have it any other way? Absolutely not.
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Spoiled? Definately!

Every morning when I get up, Harley gets his cuddles and kisses, when I get home he gets picked up right when I get in the door, otherwise he'll sit there and meow at me, like he's asking me why I'm not paying attention to him?

When I'm home at night he'll demand his cuddles, but thats okay, I love it!

At night when its time for bed, I'll pick him up, bring him to the bedroom, set him on the bed, and then I'll put him on his very own special pillow on the top of the bed, and then I'll pet him and cuddle him until he falls asleep Oh, and then I'll tell John good night after Harley's sleeping

Harely is definately my spoiled little kitty!
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Tavia is such a spoiled little girl. When I come in from work she comes out to the living room and meows and takes off for my bathroom. Where I get her breakfast out. And after breakfast she gets her playtime in. And then when I lay down to sleep she lays on my chest and meows to be petted before I fall asleep. And she sleeps on top of me or to the side of me most of the time. And she even expects her water bowl to be completely full if it is even the slightest bit low she cries. It has to be at the rim. And when I go to get up in the afternoons she will follow me around until she gets tired of the dogs. And yesterday her and Lilly was playing and it was so cute because Lilly is a dog and dogs and cats don't play the same way. And if I had your kitty I wouldn't be able to resist loving on her either.
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