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anybody speak cat?

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A couple of funny cat clips, Hope you like
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The first cat sounded like he/she was drowning and trying to slurp it was out.
Still funny non the less
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Oops have to listen to it when the kitty isn't around, she just freaked out at the noise
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Oh my goodness. There are tears coming out of my eyes. I laughed so hard, especially at that black and white cat singing his little, um, "poem?"
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OMG!!!! LMAO!!!!! I love the last one!!! I had to watch it 5 times, LOL!

Here is one of my favs!!!
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That is the funniest thing I've seen in ages!!
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Those were to funny
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haha i love it!
ive seen the second one before!
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that was so funny when I was playin the clips princess jumped onto the computer desk and was all into the computer, I said Princess say mama and she just looked at me like I was nuts lol
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lol funny i love animal clips
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"Get the camera out of my face"
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I love watching these kinds of videos.

This one is funny, too.
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I am probably wrong here, but in that first video it looked like they were doing something to the poor baby to make her make those sounds... or maybe a strange sort of seizure, but I have never seen a seizure in a cat, so I am probably wrong.

I am determined to teach Ziggy "Ma ma" now because he is very creative in his vocalizations...

Funny, nevertheless...
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