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Honey Sticks/Straws

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I love these things!
A co-worker of mine brought some in and I forgot how much I love them. I used to eat them as a kid.
Problem is, I can only find them on the internet and they are SO expensive. Not for the sticks/straws themselves, but the shipping!
If anyone knows where I can get these PLEASE let me know? I would love it if someone would be able to send me some ( I would pay of course :lol3) if they know how much and where to get them. I really like the assorted flavor ones!
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Ew, I don't like them at all...sorry I guess I'm no help
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I haven't had these or even thought of them in years! What a blast from the past!
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They are definatly an aquired taste.
but seeing that my husband is a recovering alcoholic (5 months sober ) and he eats ALOT of sweets and sugar, this is a much better alternative too! I was also told that honey has something in it that curves the craving for alcohol (who know's if it's true or not ) And it also give me an excuse to buy them
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have you tried looking at www.swarmbustinhoney.com
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I've never heard of them.... what are they?
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I have never heard of them..hmmmmmm...
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Have you tried a local coffee shop? The little local one near me sells them all the time.
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Oh, they are SO good!
I get a sweet tooth for them alot.

They are straws filled with honey and they come in assorted flavors. You can eat them right out of the straw or put them in tea or coffee!

I wouldn't know where to find a coffee shop here I never go in them... if you ever see them in there let me know and I would be willing to pay for them and the shipping!
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I'm not a honey fan.. but I had one a long time ago. I'm not sure where you can find them.
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