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Thursday's DT

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Good day all! I hope everyone is having as good a day as I am. I got word this morning that I passed the written exam portion for a supervisor position at work. This means I have an interview next Tuesday. They said that the interview will be 1 hour long and I don't know what to expect. I have to search my closet for something professional to wear. I only normally wear jeans and tshirts to work as we are in a non public access office.
How is everyone else doing today?
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Congrats of passing the exam Ady! We're rooting for you to get the supervisor position. :girly2: :girly1: :girly2: :girly1:

Pretty slow day at the office, which is OK with me. We went to a concert last night and I am so tired! :sleep3: We missed Faster Pussycat, which was ok since we just saw them last fall. Came in about 1/2 through Winger. I wish we would have missed them and seen Pussycat, but such is life. They were bad - not just because I don't like them, but they sounded like a bad garage band trying to cover Winger. The whole band was out of sync and missing beats, etc. Cinderella was really good. I never really got into them album wise, but they were fun to watch live. Poison was just great, but they always put on a great live show. Overall, it was a lot of fun but I am really tired today. Couldn't come down from the show and it felt like I didn't sleep a wink!

Hope everyone has a good - and fast - day!
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Good luck with the interview! We're rooting for ya! Do you have to interiew with more than one person?

Today is cold, foggy and raining. I have my math final tonight for school, so I've been studying somewhat this morning. One more day!! Have a good one everyone.
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I have to interview in front of 3 people for 1 hour. The good new (for me anyway) is that the person I thought was a shoe in for the job didn't pass the test. He have been "acting" supervisor for more than a year, so I thought he would ace the test. I figured that it would be a difference of $3883 more per year at the 1st pay level of supersivor. It is a $75 difference per pay cheque.
Thanks for all of your support - I really want this job!
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Adrienne, I wish you the best at your interview. Put your "interview hat" on and you'll be fine. Tell the truth, didn't you always know the acting supervisor didn't know as much as you do? Those in charge often make bad choices. I hope you make it!
Western PA is cool, a real change from the high 80's, but it's going to rain again. This has been an extremely wet spring. I have seldom seen the grass such a beautiful fresh green. It's a shame some of it didn't fall on the Denver area.
Spooky, I hope you ace that test! And I hope Rhea writes to us. I look forward to hearing from her, and I'm sure you do too. How dare she take time off work? Oh, well, I guess I'll go cry in my iced tea!!
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Oh Ady...I really hope you get the supervisor position!!!

Inventory day here where I work, so most of us had the day off...
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Well today, aside from the bird issue, I've been working hard at school, tryint to finish up. I've also passed two tests. One was a quiz on Charts for Excel and the other was a production test for Word. I have several next week as I finish up!

Tomorrow is my day off from school, but I am coming in the morning to work on my subjects. I have to work at three. Can't believe its almost Friday!!!! The week has gone by fast!

Ady, congratulations on passing the test and good luck with the interviews. Show them all you can do! :blubturq:
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I am having a MUCH better day than the past few...Thanks again everyone!


Hope you get the job! And don't forget, always take a breath before answering a question....

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Ken....how is your dad doing? I have been praying for him.
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Thanks debby,
He's actually going down quite fast, changes daily, I haven't called yet today, so Im not quite sure what the situation is.

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I'm sorry to hear that. My thoughts are with you...I know how hard it is, I have been there.
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It is, still, 103. Had two shoplifters, today. The first one, got away on foot. #2 was a female who set off the checkpoint at the door. The manager caught up with her, in a minivan. She wsn't going to give it up, though. (This woman steals something every time she's in). Mr. Guest got her plate number and ran back the videotape: she was scaling the wall, like a monkey, to get a bottle of cheap brandy. She was, also taped running out the door, with the goods. When I left work, the cops were on the way to her house. With the tapes, it is a righteous bust! I have got to get out of this business, though. We have drug deals going down in the parking lot and it makes me nervous, getting off late at night. Ken, I hope they're keeping your father comfortable. Its not right to make people suffer any more than necessary.
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katl8e, what do you do?

Ady, good luck with your interview. Dress nice and play the game, you'll be fine.

I spent the day getting my brakes fixed. There are still issues with my phone - my ex is still listed on it, for a start, and instead of closing the account and opening a new one in my name, the phone company added me to the old account (which he was supposed to be paying but which is past due), making me liable for all that money. But tomorrow I have an interview at 1:00. It's just a temp thing, but it's got to be better than what I've been doing.
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Good luck with your interview as well, 3sacrowd.
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