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momma's boy

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the kittens from my fearful stray are now 8 weeks old and are coming along nicely socially. However, one of the boys is quite the momma's boy. He will play with us and come over to about within 1 ft of us of his own accord. He will also allow us to pet him while he eats and will take chicken from our hands. However, he tends to be more skittish in comparison to his litter mates and does not like to be picked up. The mom cat is actually starting to come out when I bring the food out (yeh!) but this has lead to some more hissing and growling when she overshoots, and this seems to bother the momma's boy.

In any case, momma's boy has a home to go to, and we are holding on to him until he is 11 -12 weeks so we have some time to work on him. Should we seperate him (and his sibs) from mom? Or will he come along in his own time?

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I would start seperating them to help prepare the kittens' transition to their new homes
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