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is he going to be blind?

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I have a 7 week old kitten that has an eye infection.. I've been treating him for a week with oral and oitment antibiotics.. At first his eyes cleared up, but now one of his eyes is very red, the eye has lost it's glossiness, and the iris looks lighter in color and very dull.. It also seems to have a slight bulge to it. I am taking him to a different vet tomorrow, but would like to know if his eye is already to far gone to be saved.. He was hand raised and means a ton to me. Also, Should I bring him inside, his mother is an outdoor cat and he stays outside with her and the other 3 kittens.. thanks

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Suzy your outside cat is more than likely pregnant right now. It would be a good idea to get her spayed, and bring her and the kittens inside. The kittens are at great risk outside, should something happen to the mom cat. Your kitten needs to see a feline specialist not just a vet. Ask your vet for a referral to the nearest feline specialist and get your kitten in to be seen.

Good luck
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the mom is spayed now, and they are technically in the garage so they are okay. Also I have dogs inside so the mom cat cannot come in.. The kittens however were raised around the dogs, so they seem tolerant of them, at least for now.
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I would do what hissy said and bring him to the vet. My cat had a viral infection as a young kitty and he does have permanent damge and doesn't see very well at all out one, and I don't think his vision is perfect in the other. His pupil does react to light so he isn't completely blind in that eye. The vet will be able to give you better insight. Although this kitty doesn't have the best sight you would be amazed. He is just slightly less adept at judging distances when jumping. So I wouldn't freak out just yet that your cat is permanently blind.
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