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feeding cats different foods.

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So after Teddy kept getting sicker and sicker with his IBD, we finally got him on a different food - IVD Venison instead of duck. He's done very well for the past 2 weeks, after we got through the initial food switching period.

The improvement in his stool has been amazing - it looks just like PJ's - no more diarrhea, no going to the litterbox every 5 minutes, just excellent. However, he is producing a LOT less stool. The vets (and I) think this is normal, since he now poops like (normal) PJ - but I was wondering if anyone had experienced this as well. Its been so long since he's had normal stool that maybe I'm in shock!

Here's the issue: PJ doesn't like the venison food. She's been eating it because I free feed and only put out what Teddy can eat. PJ loves bird - chicken, and the duck IVD. I feed her canned food that's chicken, but she's snubbing the venison dry food now. Tonight, I've given her a bowl of the old duck food and she's in heaven - but because of Teddy, I can't leave it out for her during the day - Teddy will eat it, and get horribly sick.

I'm hesitant about doing scheduled feedings for them since they've never had that before, at least not with me - they've always been free feeders since I got them. They don't overeat, and are very healthy weight-wise. I worry that restricting their food will make them gorge and then vomit afterwards (Teddy has done this sometimes, so it's a legit worry).

For those of you that have to feed different foods, what do you do? I'm thinking of just giving PJ a bowl of food whenever I'm around to watch and make sure Teddy doesn't eat it.

Ah, picky kitties.

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I am in the room during feeding time... Zoey has learned to eat in shifts just like Kandie
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I can no longer leave biscuits out all the time cos of Tom, so mine are on scheduled feedings with nothing in between - I do have 2 overweight and 2 underweight/normal cats, so they just get extra rations when the boys aren't around.
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Originally Posted by hissy
M.A., that product is ingenious. My sister had to put a cat flap with an electronic "key" in a door to solve the problem - one that fits into a carrier is much easier.
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Originally Posted by hissy

wow, that's fascinating! I've never seen that before!
the problem I see at the moment is that PJ doesn't deal with wearing a collar, but what an interesting idea. I'll be investigating it more.

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