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Daisy and her kittens!!!

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This is just a taaaad bit late, but anywho, here's the story!

Well you guys know how it is, see a skinny stray kitty and you just HAVE to help it. Well my skinny stray wasn't a stray-she was semi feral and preggers! Eeep! So I brought her in, settled her down in a larg dog kennel to have her kittens ans socilize her and the crew. She decided that she was not going to eat or drink, so I force fed her some wet, that went ok for a coulpe days-she readily ate it. After a couple days, she just would not eat the food, no matter how many times I put it in her mouth, she would spit it back out. Took her to the vets, her temp was high, but he said to wait till the end of the week, that she migh snap out of it and start eating. End of the week and still she wouldn't eat. Gave birth the day before we went to the vet. Brought her right back to the vet and her temp had went down, he gave us some anitboitic and vitamins and checked out all of the kittens, he said they were as healthy as can be. He also gave us some Hills c/d, and said that cat's can't help but eat that stuff.

Brought her home, and that night she ate! I was so happy, cause it really worried me that she had newborn kittens and wasn't eating.

Now my babies are 4 weeks and two days old. I know somewhere on here last week I said they were 4 weeks-I had mis-counted!

Here are their pics, starting with them at a day old! There are 4 kittnes, two tabby and white (male and female), two all tabby (male and female). And yes, we plan on getting each and every one of them S/N.

More pics coming...
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Don't they just look like tiny tiger cubs?!?!?!
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Awww, they are all just so precious!!!
Love all the pics!!
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They are sooo cute! Is it the same one that always has its little paw raised?
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Oh my, I am simply in love with them...Look at their little gangly legs...Aw, so cute
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I cant't wait for Ruby's babies (now three days old) to grow into true kittenhood. They are so adorable!
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What love bugs They remind me of Chloes babys(that are now 8 weeks)
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LoL-I didn't realize it but one does seem to have his paw up in a few of the pics!!!

One also seems to be a camerea hog, hehe! I love them to bits, I have now moved the container they were in out, and let them walk around the cage, made sure that the water is shallow enough that if one of them did jump in it that it wouldn't be over their heads. They all, including momma Daisy get play time a few times a day in my room. I watch them though, even though I have kitten proofed my room I know they always find something to get into.

Also Daisy is getting so much friendly-er (I know that's not a word, work with me here, LOL!) she is always interested in what I am doing. She has a major crush a Cody and calls to him. He is altered. I caught them 'holding hands' one night, Cody was laying beside of the cage and Daisy was laying next to him (in te cage) and Cody's paw was on top of hers-awwwww! I am guessing that she is in heat. Ha-little does she know she is getting spayed when the milk dires up, and depending on which one of our vets we use the babies might get done when she gets done.
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OOOOOO MMMMMY GOOOOOODNESS!!!!! they are too cute!!! I love their little ears and fat bellies!!! kisses t othem all!!!! Mom is a beauty too
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They are just so darling!! And mom is very pretty too It's a good thing you don't live in Missouri, I'd try to get them all from you
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Thank you all for the nice comments!!!

I have to get more batteries for my camera-they have grown up a little more since those last pictures, now they LOVE running around and beating each other up, it's sooo cute!

I will post more when I get the batteries!

Gee, I have NO idea what colour daddy was-LOL! Kidding!
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I feel kinda bad that they do't have names yet, but I am the kind of person that waits until the PERFECT name comes around, LOL!

Here are my top choices right now, and some of their meanings:

Layla-Dark Beauty (I loooove this one!!! I know I am using it!!!!)
Anabella-Grace and Beauty
Basil-Royal, Brave

Hmmm, I am going to look for more boy names...
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Ok their names:

Remmy-Tabby Male

Skip-Tabby/Wht Male

Layla-Tabby Female

Sanura-Tabby/Wht Female
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Awww They are such gorgeous babies!!

And wonderful names too!
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Alot of my pics that I posted before arn't going to show up anymore, it's because I moved my photobucket around some, lol.
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I can't get the pictures to show up, but i bet they are prescious!
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Oh congrats - they sound beautiful (didn't see the pics, though).

And c/d is like cat pringles - they LOVE the stuff.

My bf calls it cat cocaine.
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Rats, I can't see any pics!
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