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Found a Baby Bird

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Well, I had a very interesting experience yesterday and this morning. Yesterday, I arrived home at quarter to eight. I was laying down on my bed with Rascal next tome, when I heard this chirping by my window. Really loud and really close. So, I go and find this baby robin in my window. Keep in mind that I live in the basement of a house. The bird had fallen out of its nest from a very high tree. It was chirping and trying to get out but it was too young to fly. Rascal saw it and, being the predator that he was, wanted to catch it, but I had the window closed. And then I saw the mother robin on a low branch, calling to her baby. It was so sweet, hearing them. Then when it was a too dark and cold, and when I couldn't hear the mother, I decided to catch the baby until morning. So, I put Rascal in the living room and closed the door, then caught the bird and put him in a shoe box with some wet cat food. I put him in hte bathroom with the lid on. I had holes cut all over the box. Rascal was kept in my room.
In the morning, when I heard the mother and father robin calling, I released the baby back outside the living room window instead of the bedroom so that Rascal would leave it alone. The parents and the baby called to each other. Then one of the parents came and started feeding the baby. So Cute. I got to witness it. I hope that the baby will soon grow strong enough to fly!
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You did such a nice thing by saving the bird. It probably would have died if you didn't save it. All the birds that I rescued when I was younger didn't live past a few day, but that was probably b/c they were seperated from their parents. Hopefully the bird will live a good life.
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I bet Rascal thought mommy was bringing him a snack! I am so glad you could help that little bird.
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That's so nice, Nena. I successfully raised a baby robin that my son almost ran over with the lawnmower. We followed the experts' advice about how to let Mother bird take care of it, but she didn't come. I fed it, as the vet told me, dog food in the blender and then a dropper way in the baby's mouth. I had to feed it every couple of hours. Robin wanted to eat constantly, and when he heard my voice he started cheeping really loudly and opening his beak. Eventually we gave Robin perching on a finger lessons, flying down, then hiding under flowers while the sprinkler was on gently, then how to hunt for worms--everything. Every day my son and I took Robin outside for a lesson.
Finally, Robin flew up!! He had not ever been able to take off before. My son climbed on to the roof to get him, and was there in time to watch Robin's first real flight to the woods behind our house. He missed the first branch, but got the next one. My baby bird had left the nest.
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Awwww....... how cute! Nena that was so nice of you Is he back in his nest now?
When I was younger, my parents used to rescue baby sparrows and raise them. A lot of them had fallen out of their nests when it was windy. Baby birds are so cute!
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Oh Nena, you have such a kind heart! I'm glad the little bird is okay!
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The tree where it fell of off is very high. So, no he is not on the nest yet. When I left this morning, I saw the parents feeding it. I guess robins are dedicated parents!
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I once found a little blue jay down in a pipe that had been a stand for a gas grill. The mother bird was going crazy. I called around to animal rescue agencies until someone finally told me how to get him out. I had tried everything I could think of! They said to put a dish towel down in the pipe, so the little one would hook his claws and climb up. It worked like a charm! Mama bird fed him for a few days, then I saw him on the fence. I guess he was old enough to fly. He was the cutest little fat bird you ever saw. I was so glad he was ok.
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When I was a child, I had a corner bedroom with a bush in front of the window. Almost every year a mother bird would nest right there and I got to watch the babies grow up. I love that stage where they still have the round little bodies but the long wing feathers are just coming in. So cute!

How kind you all are to save the babies.
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How neat it would be to watch a whole nest of newborns grow up. That's great. We have birds nesting here, but they're all too high for us to see. They are so soft. It was wonderful for me to have the trust of a baby robin, but I have not had that privilege since. The closest I have come is to stand still near the hummingbird feeder. The hummingbirds will come within inches of you if you stand quietly.
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There is a dove that nests in an unused light fixture at my parents' house. It is on the front but, she has gotten used to all of the comings and goings and stays put. Mom gets my dad to push her wheelchair outside, so that she can check on the bird and her babies.
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About a year or so ago, when hubby and I lived in an apartment (we were still dating) we found a baby bird outside. We brought it in the house and put it in a box with a wash cloth that we had warmed up in the microwave and we fed it a little, although he didn't seem that interested in food. Hubby stayed up practically all night taking care of the bird and took it to wildlife animal place the next morning. Unfortunately it died a few days later. Hubby was so sad b/c he had taken care of it and now it didn't live.
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