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Please Help!!!

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My 8 week old kitten is having diaherria(excuse my spelling) When she goes potty there is still some on her backside and when i wipe it off her, it is yellow in color but when it is on her it looks almost whitesh yellow, what could this be??? Someone please help!
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The most common causes of diarrhea in kittens are probably
parasites and viruses. Parasites that can cause diarrhea
include roundworms, hookworms, coccidia, giardia . Most
of these can be found on microscopic examination of the stool, but it can
be hard to find giardia at times. It is a good idea to at least rule out
the parasites.

Take her to the Vet and have her examined - in the meantime please be sure that she stay hydrated - little ones can dehydrate so very quickly.
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well i took her to the vet a week ago and she had no worms and she is playing and acting fine, thats why i am so worried, i have no idea what this is.
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I would still take her to the vets to be sure
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she has a vet appointment Lets pray it's not nothing serious.
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Good luck! Did you happen to change her food recently? that can sometimes give kitties tummy problems too
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Nope she is on the same thing that she was on when i adopted her, theres no telling whats going on, i don't think it is too serious cause she's acting fine, running around etc.
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How long have you had her for? Often times the stress of a new environment can cause problems like this.
And at her age I would also recommend running another fecal just to be sure.
I would also stop feeding everything except for her staple diet, one brand, one formula.
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I took my kitten to the vet with a stool sample and it came back clear- within a week he had similar symptoms, so I took him back in with another stool sample and he was diagnosed with coccidia.

Point being, your little one could easily have a parasite now, even if a recent fecal exam was normal. Some microbes are too small to be seen, or die quickly upon exiting the animal's body... and don't show up on the exam.

I'm glad you got your baby an appointment- hope all goes well & she's feeling better soon. I know what a pain loose stool combined with clumsy kitten is!

Keep us updated!
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CurlyQ is right, sometimes in that section of the fecal sample they examine might not have indications of a parasite, but another untested section of the fecal will.
It's also very important to bring them the freshest sample possible. Grab a sample, and drive it straight to your vet.

I hope your next appointment goes well.
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Is coccidia contagious to humans?
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Coccidia is a very very common cause of diarrhea in kittens and no, you don't have to worry about getting it.

If that is the problem your vet will most likely prescribe Albon. It's a yellowish thick liquid like medicine that it easy to administer.

I've had similar situations with kittens I've fostered. They originally come up negative because it wasn't detected in the fecal. Also what can happen is the kitten can have eggs in the poop, which gives you a negative fecal but those eggs are going to hatch and now your negative kitty is a positive one.

VERY IMPORTANT...make sure to scoop the poop right after she does her business and change the box as frequently as possible. Since she is a kitten you might consider changing it every day as I imagine her box it pretty small. If she steps in her poop she can get reinfected since it is a parasite that the cat will shed in its poop.

So, make sure she stays hydrated, get a fecal done ASAP and if its coccidia, give the albon and make sure she has a super clean box!
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Thanks!! Her litterbox gets cleaned everyday anyway but i will stay on top of it each time she goes.
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