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Fosamax for osteoporosis

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Just wondering if anyone is taking this medicine or the medicine for Actonel for treatment or prevention of osteoporosis.. I started Fosamax in '99 and my dr. switched me to Actonel last year. Recently I read Dr. Gott's newspaper article stating some scary side effects of the drug Fosamax.
Is anyone else aware of this. I have an appt. later today to discuss this with my dr. I was wondering if any of you have read about this troubling side effect "dead jaw disease" caused by these types of medicine. If so, what is your dr. recommending.
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I was taking fosamax for osteopenia ( precursor to full blown osteoporosis) and it showed no increased boine density loss after a year, but I have to confess I am not good about recalling to take it.

Whats the word on the other drug? the dead jawbone thing put me off and I a bad about recalling to take pills anyway except the antihistamine that lets me own my cat. very motivated there !!
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Actonel is the same type of medicine as Fosamax. Sometimes drs. switch their patients because there seems to be less esophagus problems with the Actonel. Do a search on Google and type in side effects of Fosamax or "dead jaw disease" and you can read about it.
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I have read the studies as well as the little print leaflets... I told my Mom to stop as I have always worried about this drug due to sub components...
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Prevention is best. I'm a pre-menopausal 48 and have been choking down a BIG green calcium tablet every morning, since my late 20s. I wash it down with a glass of OJ + calcium. Combined with the antacids, for my chronic indigestion, my bones should outlast the rest of me.
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Well being from the dairy state getting enough calcium isn't a problem!!
But also being 48 (eek almost 49!!) I haven't had a bone denisty test yet.
But my mom has been on Fosamax probably as long as you have. She is not taking the drug once/week. I don't know if her doctor switched her or not though
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I've been taking Actonel for 2 years, no side effects at all. I'm scheduled for a bone density test in July to see if it's made a difference.
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I was prescribed the Fosamax in 99 and took it until last year when my dr. changed me to Actonel. The Fosamax is more likely to cause esophagus problems. I started taking calcium when I was 30 years old and took it religiously. But I still am diagnosed with osteoporosis. So the calcium didn't prevent that. Anyway has anyone else read anything about this dead jaw disease they are claiming can be caused by Actonel, Boniva and Fosamax.
Has anyone else heard of this. I read it a month or so ago in Dr. Gott's column and I am very concerned about this side effect of the medicine. For now, I have stopped the Actonel, but I have to decide on an alternative medicine for my bones. The choices my dr offers are Evista and a nosespray called Miacalcin (? not sure of spelling here) The side effects of Evista are increased risk of blood clots in which case you would need to take a blood thinner. The nose spray has none known at this time any worse than possible runny nose or some bleeding. Any thoughts from you guys??
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