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Please help advice needed

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hello, yesterday my 2 cats were spayed. Today, one kitten is fine but the other is not herself, not eating, not using her litter tray, sleeping, not moving much, and i think she may have wet herself. Im really worried. Can anyone help or tell me whether this is normal or not. Many thanks xx
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All cats are different some bounce right back. And others are tired and sleep a lot for the next few days. But if she isn't using the litter box and has wet herself I would call the vet who did the spaying and see if he might want to check her. Has she drank anything?
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She has drunk little amounts of water in intervals, and has eaten small amounts of tuna at intervals. Its just worrying me sick. The other cat is very mobile, drinking loads, visited the litter tray and eaten loads. it so difficult as i am english and live in france, the vet spoke some english, but didnt tell us much what to expect.
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Do you have anyone nearby who is fluent enough in both languages to help you with a phone call to the vet?
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No, I will ring the vet tomorrow when they open, will his bit of english and my bit of french we might understand each other enough. Its really un-nerving to see something you love so very much change over night, it is deeply upsetting when you cant communicate with each other, i wish misty could tell me that she was feeling unwell etc, and i could make her feel better in an instant.
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I haven't really got any advice for you but I just wanted to say that I am sorry that you are going through this. Just a thought but what about your neighbours? Could they help?
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I would of course speak to the vet ( as well as you can!) but it is true that recovery rates vary - mine did a lot. It takes anything from a few hours to a few days for them to get back to their old selves. As long as your kitten is eating and drinking, even in small amounts, she is probably going to be OK. Whereabouts in France are you - I am moving to Normandy in July, and I know a couple of English speaking vets there.
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Hello just toe tell you we have just returned from the vets. And he checked the bandages and changed them, and gave Misty an extra shot of antibiotics. From leaving the vets to returning home, the change in her behaviour and mood has been fantastic, she seems almost back to normal.
The vet we saw today was different to the one we saw the other day and he spoke fluent English which was a huge relief.
Thank you all for your support. It is stressful when your babies are ill. Maybe now i can have a good nights sleep
Thank you all again xxxxx
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I'm really pleased that things worked out ok in the end
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