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Kaza Update.

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Well, she is acting very affectionate. Craving attention from whomever she can get it from. She's still pacing, acting uncomfortable. Slightly paranoid. Looking up at even the slightest of sounds.

She's forming milk in her teets. They are beginning to sag some. We noticed this last night.

Around her hips, her stomach is hard and you can feel the little lumps that are kittens.

Also, the kittens are very active.

She seems to still be dialated...

She's eating but very little. Though, she is drinking a lot.

She's being VERY vocal.

So, how close do you think we are here?

I'm going to try and get better pictures of her up. Of her stomach and all that.
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not sure, but I know once Angel started to act that way she gave birth 10 hrs later
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Her face

Body Shots

Belly Shots!
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I think she maybe in labor. She's following us, meowing very loudly, then stopping and cleaning herself down there.
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Well, it's almost 2 am. No sign of any kittens coming soon.

Though, she still continues to be vocal. She's panting, not heavily though. And she stays right by my feet.
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These kittens are never going to come out...
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Come on Kaza, you can do it!!!

Don't keep your meowmy waiting....
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Is there babies...
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Not yet. We're still waiting.
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Originally Posted by Shia
Not yet. We're still waiting.

Im waiting too. Boo is expected to deliver any day. I have just noticed when i gave her nipple a little squeeze it produced some milk. She has slept all day today and stayed in my room.

I hoping these are good sign......Im so excited and this waiting is driving me nuts
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