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Any advice please?

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Hi all,

My older female cat has started to do her business all around the house (on my bed, in the bath, on the floor etc) and there is blood in it too Needless to say I am taking her to the vets asap but I'm worried as to what is causing this so I thought Id post here and see if anyone has any experience of these symptoms? She is quite an elderly cat, around 12 years old.

Thanks in advance
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Looks like she has a urinary track infection (UTI)-if this is the case a course of antibiotics should take care of it.

It is good however that you are taking her to the VET in case something else is going on.
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Like Helen, it looks like a UTI to me too..... but I just wanted to say it IS always better to take kitty to the Vets just to make sure, especially with older kitties like your baby. I'm sure the vet will be able to "sort her out" soon , enough, but please let us know how it goes
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oops sorry I should have made myself clearer... she isn't urinating shes defecating (or however you spell it!) The vet will hopefully sort her out Thanks for the replies guys
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Hmmm a trip to the vets sounds like the best idea....blood in the stool could indicate something a little more serious (or it could be a case of worms etc??) Hopefully someone else who has some experience/knowledge of this kind of thing will come along soon...
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I know it is scary when you see blood for the first time. There are some other things it could be like giardia, colitis, etc. Once the Vet does some tests (fecal, blood work) - he'll be able to focus in and give her proper course of treatment.

Good luck and plenty of XOXOXO to your baby
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How is the little one doing? What did the Vet say?
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Hiya sorry took so long to reply!

Shes doing just great and you were right it was a UTI!!! Maybe she was defecating as a side effect of the pain of passing urine. Thankyou so much!
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I am so glad it turned out to a simple thing that can be taken care of. Give your baby plenty of XOXOXOXO for me.
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