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Worried about momma

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Adina's kittens were 9 wks old on Monday. They are draining the life from her. She is tired and looking hagered I took a picture of her nursing 2 but she nurses 7 total. Keep in mind these are 9 wk old kittens, Adina is tiny. Should I start weaning them for her health?
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Yes, if mom is looking poor and exhausted its time to get those kittens off her. I'd start separating them and getting them to eat normal cat/kitten food and less of mom.
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Poor mommy if it wasnt for her looking so drainned I would let them nurse but I think for her health it is time to take the nipple away and gets some food in them Poor mommy
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Good lord. I can't believe that's a mother with her kittens! How much does she normally weigh?
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I found her when she was pregnant and she was HUGE, poor thing couln't really move much her last week. She weighs about 3-4 lbs right now. She is sooo tiny and worn out. She will be spayed on the 26th unless they get a cancellation sooner so I guess it is time to start weaning anyway. She is just such a good little momma.
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If the mom, as an adult cat weighs 3-4 pounds and looks tired, and the kittens weigh the same as she does, it is time to prise the little piggies off of her underside and give her a permanent break from nursing them. At 9 weeks, they are don't absolutely need milk to survive, and should be eating mostly solid foods now.
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Believe me, they eat regular food like little piglets too. I have started seperating them during the day to give her a break and save my livingroom from the "tornado effect" They can trash my livingroom in 60 seconds flat
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The joys of being a grandma LOL
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You could try supplementing her with a little Nutri-Cal for cats. It is a very high calorie food supplement and might help.

Also, I give Lexus a half can (6 ounce size) of Hill's A/D with half a jar of chicken or turkey meat baby food on top of it twice a day in addition to her regular meals and I leave RC BabyCat 34 out at all times.
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wow those kittens are almost as big as she is.
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I do give her Nutri-Cal. She just looks sooo tired. I will give her some extra wet tonight.
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Within a week or two of being spayed, both Sugartoes and Sarabi started putting on weight quickly. You will be surprised at the difference once the kittens are away from her!

Poor little girl, trying to feed the whole world, isn't she! LOL!
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She is such a sweetheart. I can't wait till she is spayed and fills out a little. She will be beautiful
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