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I'm going to be a cry baby

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Tomorrow is Graudation Day for my Grandson I've already started feeling sad, Happy but Sad He's growing up to fast, where did all this time go? A brand new chapter in his life, starting collage, working, playing tennis, he'll be so busy and i won't get to see him every week like I'm used to, and I'll miss that so much, him calling on Friday afternoons asking me Whats for dinner and I need to borrow $20.00 bucks I'll miss that to Why do they say borrow and when he ask for $20 I give him $40 what's up with that? Oh well preparing for pre graudation dinner for tomorrow he wanted Chicken Enchalidas, rice and beans, so I'm doing that mostley today, then Sunday the Big Party, people food, and congratulations for him from many friends and family members...Well I thought this would make me not feel as sad, but it didn't work Just shareing the Joy of such a Wonderful person he is, but the more I think about it the sadder I feel, So I'm stopping thinking maybe
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What a bittersweet occasion...I wish him the best in this new chapter in his life
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Thanks !!!! I know I should be beaming, and I am but there's a whole other side, I guess I'm a drama queen
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Kids do grow up too fast!!!

My son is going to start pre-k in the fall . My baby is growing up and before I know it, he'll be like your grandson and be graduating!!
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Yes it's to fast, I have been wondering for months where the last 17 1/2 years went, I am very close to him to, the apron strings gotta go I guess He's such a kind sweet, careing, Smart person, I just want the best for him.. Somehow it seems different from when it was my daughters, maybe I'm more emotional now I don't know, maybe it's because I didn't have a son... That's all excuses ya know, it's because I Love him
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Congratulations to him, and GOOD WORK to you! You've clearly had a hand in creating a capable, mature individual who made it through high school. Enjoy this time and be so proud!
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Sounds like your grandson has turned into a fine young man! Do you have a pic we can see of him?
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awwww, that's so sweet. But what an exciting time for him?! I'm sure he'll miss you plenty when he's not getting home cooked meals anymore....and I'm sure he'll need lots of "care packages" while in school!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Sounds like your grandson has turned into a fine young man! Do you have a pic we can see of him?
Might I add that he's very talented, he plays Guitar, drums, keyboards and sings, writes all his own music, he also likes to write Novels, and poetry. I must add it was fun sharing the person I Love dearly with all of you

Now why would I have any pictures
This is where it started he alway's has Loved Music, dads a musician also

This is him Playing at the Fender Guitiar Museum

And this is him this year sailing with Mom and Dad

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Ohhh, thanks for the pics. What a handsome little boy he was/is!
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Time does go by so fast!! I know my son had his graduation from 6th grade and that was very sad for me! I cant believe hes going to be in 7th grade
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Oh gee you have a way to go, at least you know he'll be close for awhile yet
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Aw, what a sweet grandma you are to care so much about your grandson..Just think about all the amazing things you'll get to share with him as he grows up...first day of college, first career, first serious wife type girlfriend, first baby, first home...

There's plenty to come from him and you'll be so proud along the way.
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My daughter says he's destined to greatness, I couldn't want any less for him.

There will be bumps in the road and nobody's perfect.
"Just Love them anyway"
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Well it's the big day I feel better about not feeling sad, but it's early Graudation isn't till 7:00 pm there's over 500 kids graudating, it's going to take awhile like 3 hours. So now I really feel old, Happy, proud, all of those things. He's the first one to graudate sence my Daughters did from the same school over 20 years ago, there's the old again , they even had some of the same teachers... Thanks for the support They will be Happy Tears
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Congratulations to him. Lots of luck to him in the future. My niece graduated last Friday night. Because it rained it was indoors and not enough tickets for me to go. I think I would have felt the same as you
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As long as he realizes that he is part of the future and hopefully he can contribute something good, I just want to see him have a Wonderful life, and I know how hard that's going to be the way things are in the world. We all know things are not like they used to be, I think this generation of kids are going to have to work somewhat harder.
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