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Poppy isn't getting better

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My youngest cat Poppy, swallowed something while my boyfriend and I were on vacation. When we came home, she wouldn't eat, looked thinner, and wouldn't sit with us. At first we just thought she was mad at us for going away but after a day or to it didn't change, so we took her to the vet. The vet said she had fatty liver syndrome, so they put her on an IV, and kept her over night. Next day they said she had thrown up some ribbons(which is a common cat toy in our house) and asked to do an x-ray. After that the vet says that he sees something else but isn't sure what it was and wanted to do surgery which would be $700 added to our already $500 vet bill. My boyfriend is still in college and i've been working to support both of us and the $500 maxed out our credit card. So we had to say no to the surgery and bring her home hoping that she'd pass it naturally.

It's been about 5 days since then. She still won't eat on her own but she'll drink a little water, we force feed her a little bit of wet prescription cat food we got from the vet mixed with water, about twice a day. She's not loosing anymore weight but she's not gaining any back and she is still hiding under our bed all day. Anyone ever have this problem? Is there anything else I can do to help her? Are there places that will give out loans for vet bills?
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My gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that Poppy is so sick...I know you must be so worried....

Have you tried to apply for Care Credit? Some vets offices offer this. It's basically a credit card for vet care...other than a regular "personal" loan I can't think of a loan specifically for vet care...

I hope Poppy passes whatever this is!

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Oh no - did you ask the Vet about a payment plan ??
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check with your humane Society. Sometimes they have ways to help you out.
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Thanks for the info on carecredit. I'm gonna do that.
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Any updates yet?
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You need to get more info from your vet; having a blockage is one thing, fatty liver syndrome is a totally different ballgame. FHL (fatty liver) would require assisted/forced feeding, but if your kitty has a blockage that would need to be taken care of first. Please ask your vet about a payment plan--not trying to scare you, sweetie, but either scenario can be fatal if not properly treated.
Sending loads of (((((good vibes))))) to your kitty.
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