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Cat Revenge

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This really isn't a behavior QUESTION, more like a lesson learned. I need to laugh about it since I'm still a little mad.

Cat lesson #56877: Do not squeeze and hug your grumpy cat for 20 mins during game 3 of the NBA finals because he happens to be good luck for the Miami Heat. He will get you back by peeing in your bed at 7am...while you are asleep in it.

I've sent my comforter to the cleaners (it was a cotton sateen comforter so the pee just soaked through everything) , washed my sheets, and have my mattress against the wall all treated with Nature's Miracle and Hydrogen Peroxide so no more worries. Also my cat has been fixed for a long time so he wasn't spraying. Just in case ppl think that's whats up.

Now I don't know if it's because I was hugging him too long or he just hates Shaq (we're Spurs fans) but he did pwn me.
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Sounds like he was a little pissed ...sorry for the pun....couldn't resist! What a way to be woken up though
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Maybe you inadvertedly squeezed his bladder
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I don't know what is going on but I certainly don't think it is revenge. That is a singularly human concept.
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That's funny..

Maybe a cry for attention??? Attention that doesn't involve sports??? Like a friendly game of cat & mouse???
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