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Feliway - Who has used it...opinions???

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This was suggested as a way to calm my skittish, withdrawn Charley...they have it at PetsMart but my goodness is it expensive! So for those of you who have used it, what do you think of it?!


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I tried At Ease first. It was slightly less expensive and it worked well.
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The Feliway has this "Comfort Zone" diffuser that I was thinking of getting....does the one you used offer something similar?
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Feliway spray did nothing for my kitty. I've heard the diffusers work best.
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Feliway spray and especally the plug ins work miracles for problem kitties and unwanted behavior. I HIGHLY recommend it!!
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Thanks guys! The diffuser it is! Now I just have to go out and get a loan for it

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Tell me about it I was planning on getting some to ease the transition of my new kittens and had heard that is was expensive, but holy moly! it was $40 for one little diffuser!! I can't afford that right now if the introductions don't go smoothly I may have to dig in my pockets (past the lint ) but I'll wait and see if I actually need it first... Good luck with Charley BTW he's a beautiful boy as is Bunnie
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Thank you katiemae!
I know, I was shocked when I saw that the difuser was separate from the actual feliway stuff. PetsMart carries it so I won't have to pay shipping!
My hubby just told he he's still upstairs, now on his bed sleeping, so I'll plug it in as soon as I get back home and hopefully it'll work it's "magic"!

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Okay, to me this is amazing...I bought the Feliway difuser and plugged it in the upstairs hallway where Charley hangs out. Ususally he's in the entrance to his room and doesn't go down the hall any further....right now he's sitting directly beneath the difuser which is at the other end of the hallway! I hope it's working it's magic!!

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That definitely sounds promising! Yay Charley!
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i go through cases of this stuff and the electric diffusers, i get it on ebay and usually get it cheap, i can get it some times 10.00 a bottle if i but a lot of it, most i spent was 15.00 a bottle
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We always buy it on ebay too. The little bottle of spray didn't seem to help much but the diffuser is great. It doesn't seem to make any difference in one of the cats but the other always has serious peeing issues when the Feliway runs out. It's frustrating when we can't afford refills everytime we need it!
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i have one plug in diffuser and it's really helped de-stress my older cat since the new kitty arrived three weeks ago. She has been purring for the first time since she came to live with me five years ago! She never usually makes a sound. The only problem is that i can't afford to put one in each room and she has now decided to spend 23 hours of the day in the room where the diffuser is.
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I have used the Feliway diffusers for 1 1/2 years now and recommend them highly. I started using them during a bad case of redirected aggression and they did and do help keep mine mellower. The first effect they had was to increase playfulness - they felt more relaxed and comfortable so wanted to play more.

The cheapest source is at Even with shipping - and choose USPS - they are substantially cheaper than retail - and they even have it on sale sometimes!
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