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found kittens

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we found 2 kittens in our garage. The mother was last seen last night, prior to having the kittens. We haven't seen her tonight and have been trying to feed the kittens. Will the mother come back if we return the kittens to where we found them?
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It really depends on why she left them in the first place. How old are the kittens? If they are really young, she may have decided being a mother wasn't for her, or just went to find something to eat. She should come back around weather the kittens are where she left them or not. She would be looking for them in that area.
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Have you seen this momma? If she is a feral, she may want to have it quiet around her babes. Give them a warm spot that is safe and secure. If you are feeding them and they are young, make sure you are using a formula designed for them. They need their tushies stimulated witha warm wet cloth after eating to simulate mom's licking that area. PLEASE let us know how you are making out!
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Any news on Mom and babies?

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