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I feel dumb now

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Since this company I work for is redoing an area, many of the computers were moved on Friday (when I had the day off).
One of the computers that was moved is the free-for-all computer, a computer set up with no internet restrictions, but placed in a public area so its no department in particular.

I went to make sure that it was set up on the correct lines...but it wasnt. I went to enable the wireless card...it wasn't there....

So I emailed my supervisor on this...asking "wasn't there a wireless card..." on that computer.

He replied back "It's on your computer...remember?"

I just don't feel like being a system admin today
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oops! just one of those days huh? mid-week memory laspe lol
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Dont worry!! We have a computer sytem that holds all the accounts. I was trying to put an order through for a certain building and couldn't figure out for the life of my why it kept telling me this account didn't exsist. Finally about 15 minutes later I realized that I was trying to enter the wrong account number.
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Oops! LOL That's what happens when we system admins finally get a day off.
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my mom calls that a brain fart!!!!
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