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How can people be so irresponsible???

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I just got off the phone with my husband. On his way to work today, he saw a little boy (18 mos.-2 years, he thinks) standing in the middle of the road. Luckily he saw the boy in time and was able to stop and also able to wave off an oncoming car. The road is not terribly busy, but it is two lanes and people fly through there at 60 and 70 mph. He rolled down his window and told the little boy to go back into his house (at least 100 yards away). The boy just froze. So, my husband coaxed him over into the grass (he knows how to handle toddlers, fortunately) got out of the car and ran up to the house. As he was approaching the house (the little boy was frozen in fear at the side of the road), the mother ran out and said "I just looked up and realized he wasn't here." OMG! I like to think that my husband saved that little boys life this morning, because a big truck likely wouldn't have stopped in time.

Now for my rant... I have two children 15 months and 3. I'm a stay-at-home mom and always keep all of the doors locked and garage closed (because I'm paranoid). The instant I saw my daughter open a door for the first time, the doorknob protectors were installed on all doors leading outside or into the garage. This child was obviously not old enough to open doors by himself yet, so mommy must have left a door to the outside happen.

I understand that accidents happen and you cannot watch your children every second, but this morning's events just make me sick to my stomach thinking what could have happened!
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Wow-I hate to think what would of happened to that boy if your DH hadnt stopped! Way to go for him!! Thats too bad he was left unsupervised like that....
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OMG I would have freaked out if I would have been your hubby well my heart would have hit the ground how do you let a baby outside by himself. And the baby get all the way into the road. When I have kids here (not a mom yet) I always keep an eye on them and if it gets to quiet I really get to looking for them. I couldn't imagine what would have happened if someone had been speeding through there and had not seen him in time.
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Its sure was lucky that your husband happened to be going by at that time. He did save the little boys life. I can't understand how any parent can let a child that age out of their site.
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What's even creepier about the whole thing is that it is not my husband's normal route to work. There was an accident on his normal route, so he took the alternate route! I think he's still a bit shaken up.
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Oh my gosh! How scary! I'm so glad the little one is all right.
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Great job to your DH!!

I seen two 4 year olds throwing rocks at cars the other day. On a very busy road. A Main Street in fact. And I was working, and went out there, and told them to get home, and tell thier mom's what they were doing, otherwise I will. And then one started getting scared, and started beating his friend.

So then I just told them to KNOCK IT OFF AND GO HOME YOU NAUGHTY KIDS!

and they did. Then thier mom came and thanked me actually. lol.
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Well, believe it or not little ones can open doors earlier than we think. My nephew was walking at 9mos, and by 1yr he opened the glass front door all by himself. My SIL was in the kitchen (living rm & kitchen are connected with a breakfast bar seperating the 2 rooms) and the baby was in the living room watching Sesame St, when she heard the door open. She went flying out, sure enough he was 2 feet onto the porch. That was when they installed the little hook & eye latch that's 5 ft off the ground. Now he can't escape!

Thank God your hubby was there to save this baby. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that's why your hubby was on that road at that time for that reason!
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A house on the side of a road where people drive 70mph?

Now that's scary.
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