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Vibes needed Dentist Trama

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I have to go get 7 cavities filled today at my dentist. I need some vibes please! I really hate the dentist!
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I will give you some (((((Vibes))))))....b/c I hate the dentist too....but I actually hate the teeth cleaning more than the fillings...I have a really good dentist who tells me everything that she is doing and they numb your mouth really good....
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Wow, that's a real lot to do all at once! I've ahd a few done at a time, but never 7! Lots of luck!
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7 at one time?? Yeesh!! It'll all be fine, but in the mean time, ask for lots of novacaine!!
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Wow.. seven? I haven't had any for a long time, but they hurt.. I could still feel them a little with the shot.. *vibes*
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Sending happy thoughts! I absolutely HATE the dentist, and am looking forward to a possible root canal next week. Uhm.
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wow, 7! I just had five fillings done, two one day and three the next week. My jaw was pretty sore after having three done just from keeping it open! Otherwise it didn't hurt at all, it was just a matter of having an open mouth for two hours that was annoying. I'll be sending you lots of vibes!
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Hello, I just read your thread and would like to try and ease your nerves before you visit the dentist. I am a qualified dental nurse and have dealt with hundereds of people who have been in similar situations to you.
ok a few things to think about when your in the chair:
1) your next holiday
2) your favourite pet, things they have done that have made you laugh
3) someone special and a special time you have shared
Ok you could also try this...................... whilst laying in the chair, close your eyes, take 10 deep breaths, slowly. whilst doing this try and clench every muscle in your body for a few seconds, 5 times(dont do this whilst having an injection), once you have done this think about the most beautiful beach you can imagine. imagine hearing the sea lap the shore, birds in the distance singing a beautiful song. Imagine your standing on the shore and the warm sea is lapping at your feet. keep this image in your head and it will help stress.
Ok, if this doesnt seem a good idea, try talking to your dentist about holidays etc, believe it or not talking relaxes you, and you will learn something new about him/her. so at your next visit you will have something to talk about.
I do hope some of this may have been helpful. I would like to reassure you though, there is nothiing to be worried about. And the proceedure will be over as soon as you know it.
Good look, and kepp us posted. x x
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OMG 7 cavities? That is awful, I hope you feel okay after that.
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Hi all... just got back. I'm feeling a bit tired, sore, and sleepy. The Dentist said that that would be normal. I got all seven filled and my teeth look much better. Thanks for all the vibes today. I really needed it.
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I personally love my dentist. He saved my life with an emergency extraction when a wisdom tooth grew horizontal and got really, really infected. I was very, very broke and I waited a year before I went to see him. I am really glad I did otherwise I would not be alive today.

Anyhow, good vibes had come your way

P.S. When I saw your title "Vibes needed for dentist drama" I thought you have had an affair with the dentist and needed to end it. That just goes to show I watch way too much TV.
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As one who has had over seven filling s recently done ... I send you a HUGE and the assurence that it aint that bad ... they have numbing gel to put on before the needle goes in and the needles are way smaller than they used to be ...
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