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Originally Posted by eilcon
I do have to give this woman credit for reaching out for help rather than dumping her cat at a shelter.
I apologize if I offend you because I don't mean to, but here is my opinion:

I think it could definitely be worse - instead of looking to rehome the cat or take it to a shelter, she could just dump it, so I think you might have been just a little harsh, and it is true, it is never professional to lose it in the office, but it happens sometimes. Please try not to beat yourself up about it, but please also try to understand that not everyone is like you and that not everyone feels as strongly as you do about it.

If you feel that strongly about it - TAKE HER CAT!!! Problem solved.
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Originally Posted by sarahp
That is sad - 7 years!! Like I said, it's great you spoke to her and explained your stance. Next time you hear a similar story, I'm sure you'll be more likely to help first rather than try to bite the heads off your co-workers who don't agree with you Just make sure that if you manage to lose it at work again, that it's not your boss or anyone like that.... We always learn from our experiences It was a good outcome and you were able to apologise for the outburst while rationally explaining your viewpoint, which is a lot more than a lot of other people could do, so I wouldn't worry about it.
Thanks! Yeah, that probably wasn't the most productive or professional way to handle it. At least she has no doubt now where I stand on the issue. I did my mention my "outburst" to my boss, a cat person, when she came in and she just laughed and said she's sorry she missed it!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
I think we should have Wyan make us a "CRAZY CAT LADY OF THE MONTH" badge and you should definitely get to wear it this month Eileen..........I'm a crazy cat lady and darn proud of it!!!!
me too!!! crazy cat ladies unite!!!!!
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atleast you found a loving home for your cat!
When we moved from australia to germany, we just left our cats outside, they had another home accross the road and i knew they would be taken good care of.
When i went back 11 months later, i couldnt find a trace of them!

Still though, if you know the whole backround to the story i would be mad at this woman too!
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One thing that we as cat owners have to understand is that not everyone agrees with our line of thinking when it come to our pets. Its really hard though and I would have probably done the same thing in your situation, in fact when Sheba's court case was last year I could not use "personal time" but vacation time instead-I was so upset I walked out before I did something really stupid.

I'm glad to read that the person has reconsidered her original plan.
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