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Vibes please for lost dog in our neighborhood

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Hey guys!

I have had this little feeling tugging on my heart the past few days to post here about this. It might be a little strange since I don't personally know the people involved, but their efforts have amazed me.

I noticed, about a week ago, signs up around my neighborhood about a lost Yorkshire terrier. The signs were everywhere. The very next morning, those signs had been replaced with signs about the lost dog but a reward had been added. 2 days later, every single one of those signs had been replaced with a lost dog sign that included a dollar amount to the reward. I went to the grocery store on the corner and saw that the signs had also been placed on the ATM machine, the entrance to the grocery store, and also at the gas pumps at the corner gas station. It broke my heart seeing so many signs because I kept imagining how these poor people must feel. On the way back home from the store I drove past a group of people with flashlights, holding a stack of the signs in their hands, and looking around homes and bushes for the dog. Then this morning on my way to work I saw a Pet Detective truck parked on the corner. His truck and another truck had huge posters taped to the side of their vehicle with the little yorkie's picture and contact info for the owners, and another poster next to it mentioned the reward.

I felt so sad as I continued on to work. These people are really doing everything they can to find their dog. I am praying so hard that they find him.... I was also hoping since board magic has helped so often in the past that maybe you guys wouldn't mind sending a bit of it to these people? Like I said, I don't know them personally but I think they could truly use it and would greatly appreciate it.
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sending good vibes for the poor little lost dog.
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These people must feel so desperate in their search for their precious family member, this is so sad. It's wonderful that you've shared this with all of us so we can join in the prayers for this puppy to find his way safely home. Hurry home, little guy!
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Aww thats soo sad I hope they find him ASAP!

Come home little doggy! Come home!
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that brought a tear to my eye Tanya. Poor sweet thing - come home darling
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Such heroic efforts! They must be devastated. Vibes on their way for a happy reunion -- very soon.
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Awww! I hope very much that they find him, safe and sound!!!! =[
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Come little Yorky, your family misses you terribly
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It appears they haven't had any luck yet The Pet detective trucks were parked at the store again when I was on my way home last night, and they were there this morning as I drove to work. The intersection the store is on is one of the main intersections in our neighborhood. I bet half of the people who live in our area drive through it on a daily basis. I think they chose a good place to park their trucks with those huge posters on them. I also noticed there are even more fliers up around the neighborhood. There isn't one street sign without a flier.

I read the poster on the truck a little closer today. The dog is 14 years old. I hate to think of what these poor people are going through.
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Those poor people. Sending out {{{{Come home safe and sound vibes and prayers}}}}}
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Sending many prayers for that sweet little dog and his family.
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This really breaks my heart! I'm sending prayers and good vibes that this little guy will find his way home safe and sound!
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I happened to check the Lost & Found ads in the paper today. I was going to give you guys a link to the Lost ad, because I was sure there would be one. I hadn't checked before, but there wasn't one listed I was really surprised by that.
Anyway, since I had the ads pulled up I began checking through the found ads to see if any dogs matched the description of their lost dog. There was one found a few neighborhoods over that actually did. I called and asked them if they were aware of the missing yorkie in our neighborhood. The woman said she didn't know anything about it, but that the small dog she found wasn't a yorkie. Just to be sure though, she is going to drive over to the convenience store where the Pet Detective truck is parked and have a look at the picture. She said sometimes people list their dogs as breeds, even if they really aren't. I don't this is the case here because the dog on the fliers is definitely a yorkie, but it won't hurt for her check. I doubt this is the lost dog.
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Oh I sure hope this is the dog that they have been looking for. And GREAT job for you at least looking and checking into it for them! Many prayers the dog is home safe soon!
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