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food question

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I have been feeding Momma and babies Wellness kitten. However I think Im going to have to switch to something else because they eat so much and Wellness is so expensive. What other cat foods do you guys recommend? Also how much should I be feeding the babies? I leave dry food out all the time, im just not sure how much and how often to give them wet food since Momma will be away for longer period of times.

Also Momma really likes my other cats food,Felidae dry. Is it ok for me to let her eat this food even though its not kitten formula? Momma is REALLY skinny since she had so many babies, I need to get some meat on her.The doctor commented on her weight, but Momma has alwasy been this skinny and i feed her ALL the time and she eats! She just has so many babies, The doctor is encouraging me to wean them completley so we can get Momma back in good condition. What do you guys think?

Is it normal for 6 week old kittens to be incrediable messy while going to the bathroom? Seems like 2 of them always have dirty butts. I got a fecal sample taken from one of the kittens and it was negative. At what age to kittens/cats start cleaning themselves and keep themselves cleaner?

Now that they are 6 weeks is there anything I should be doing differntly?
They got their first vax yesterday.

And my last question....I want to go back to clumping litter sooo bad, it is so much neater and smells better then non clumping, when can I switch back?!?
I havnt seen them eat the litter for about a week now.

Thank you in advance for all help!
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Hey Sydney....you can switch to another brand that is high in protein....look for meat as the first ingredient (chicken, lamb, beef, tuna). When I had a mom and kittens, I fed eukanuba kitten food. If you want to feed your mom the same food as your other cat, that is fine...but remember, these kittens will most likely also want to eat what mom does. I do like to feed both wet and dry so the kittens have variety.

As far as switching back to clumping litter...I'd wait until the kittens are older...6 weeks is still too young. From what I have read, some sites state it is ok when the kittens are 12 weeks of age.

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I would definately wait too on the switch to clumping litter since you already said your kittens have messy behinds. I don't know if you have ever seen a kitten who used clumping litter and sat in it and had it clump and dry on their butts. It turns into an infected, scabby, bloody, painful mess.

Wouldn't a kitten food be good for a very skinny mother cat? I though it is a little more fattening and has extra vitamins and proteins that would help the mother in keeping her healthy? Maybe not, I don't know. Just a thought.
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I have been feeding the Mom kitten food, but now she likes my other cats food, I still offer her kitten food though.

I guess I have some more waiting to do till I can use clumping litter. I cant wait for that day!They are soo messy!
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I feed nutro kitten and I have to say the litterbox doesnt stink it is in my room...Skittles also had 13 kittens and I think Nutro helped alot... She looked awful for 2 days but now she is great plump and full of milk... She nurses the 7 alll the time... They are 2 weeks old all are already over 1 pound...
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I am glad I stumbled on this thread. I was coming to ask the same question.

My kittens were four weeks on Sunday. Some are already eating dry kitten food that I have down for Momma and they are using the litter box. I was glad I read on here not to use the clumping litter. I bought clay to use in the kitten enclosure.

I was going to start them on some wet food and I was not sure what to get for the sensitive tummies. I will make sure whatever I get that it has a meat product first. I know it is a little early to start them but momma is getting pretty thin. She is a very small cat herself and she had five kittens so it is starting to take a toll.
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