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Here's what was in the food boxes:

A tin containing "hokie pokies," which appear to be chocolate-covered patties of caramel and pecans;

Small packages of "baby Swiss cheese," "brick cheese," "Cheddar cheese" and "sharp Cheddar cheese";

Small packages of "beef summer sausage" and "cooked mettwurst."

I've no idea what "mettwurst" is, but it tasted good nevertheless!

Sorry, no Pop Tarts.


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Originally posted by Mr. Cat
I've no idea what "mettwurst" is, but it tasted good nevertheless!
Ah, just found an old package of "mettwurst" in the pantry. Hmm.....what's this in the fine print?????

Not to be taken internally.

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No! Say it ain't so! Alas, my days are numbered! *notices tear-off ticket number 187* Hmm. Well, by the time they get to my number we'll be well into the Twenty-second Century. Okay, never mind. I'm safe for now.

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Is this party still going on? Do you kids know what time it is? Well, pour me a glass of iced tea and pass the sandwiches; I might as well join you. So, how are you feeling now, Mr. Cat?
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Hello! I'm feeling just fine, thank you. It's a lovely day, weather-wise: The heat wave is gone and it's nice and mild. Ahh!


Well, I'm willing to keep the party going if you are. Oh, here are the Spam sandwiches now! The iced tea is, I'm told, from Long Island.


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Well, on second thought---you did say Spam, didn't you/--I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, so maybe ....
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Ah ha!!!! I knew it wouldn't be long before someone broke out the spam around here!!! :LOL:
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Yes, there's Spam enough for everyone! Dig in!

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I will not eat green eggs and SPAM....I will not eat them, Sam I am!!

:LOL: :laughing: :LOL:
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Oh, all right then. *brings out platter of roast-beef sandwiches*


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You know, now that I've had a nap, I could eat a roast beef sandwich myself, if I'm not too late. Hey, Debbie don't we have cake here somewhere?
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No, you're not too late! We've plenty of roast-beef sandwiches left. Oh, by the way, don't forget to take some of those delicious Spam sandwiches with you when you go home.

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Um...err....we DID have some cake....but I um had a little bit of a craving in the middle of the night....sorry.

Hey! I'll take a roast beef sandwich!!! Hand over the BBQ sauce!! Is it from Arby's? Their Big Montana is the BEST!!!
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(Debbie, Why did you have to eat the cake? With one faux pas, we don't need another. Now we'll have to take the Spam sandwiches. Do you have a dog that doesn't care what it eats? I'm not feeding them to my collie !!)
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Oooo... I'm really late - but I did bring my own roastbeed sandwich

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Thanks for coming to my party! *heads for kitchen due to internal craving upon seeing the sandwich Anne brought*


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As some of you may know, I recently received two food packages in the mail from Michaela and Tonya. Alas, the identity of the human person who helped them is now known! It's Darlene, of Three-Legged Kat fame! Ta da!

For her role in this wonderful surprise, I dedicate this Blob-O-Rama to Darlene!

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Oh my heck, Debbie! We could have had a blob-o-rama if you hadn't eaten his cake!!
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Jeanie G., here's a Blob-O-Rama for you and for everyone who kindly stopped by here to extend birthday-anniversary greetings!

Thank you, everybody!


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Boy, this must REALLY be a GOOD party!!!! It's been going on for days!!!
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Lorie, Better hurry while there are still roast beef sandwiches. Mr. Cat is trying to get rid of some SPAM ! You know what happened to the cake, don't you? A certain baby-faced pregnant lady got hungry and.....
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I saw the roast beef sandwiches just a minute ago but they're all gone now! Some of the other food is missing too. Wait...there's a pregnant woman here who seems kind of suspicious.
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*BURP* (wipes face with back of hand)
I have NO clue what you are talking about!!!!

PS. That was SO sweet of Darlene! She is an
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You know, I actually have a good recipe for Spam...no really, it is good! I learned it at Girl Scout Camp - all of the ingredients travel well so it's a good camping meal. And it definitely sticks to your ribs, so to speak...

Meaty Rice

1 can Spam
1 small box Minute Rice
1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 8 oz bag of Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Dice Spam. Make Soup using 2 cans of water, add Rice when boiling. Once rice is done, add Spam and Cheese. Heat until cheese is melted and Spam is warm.

Maybe not as good as that sandwich Anne brought, but it is good. :tounge2:
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All of this reminds me of that Monty Python skit, or was it a song?, about Spam.

Could I have something without so much Spam in it, please?
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What with all this Spam talk, we need a Spam emoticon. And I've found one!

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I was just thinking of that Spam Song from Monty Python! I have left over apple pie from Father's day we can have at this party, not to mention smoked ribs and chicken!
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Smoked ribs, you say? Bring them to me!


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I've had the bakery send over a selection of new cakes to replace the one that Debby already ate. We'll have some cake as soon as everyone finishes eating, and the bakery said we should have enough cake here to feed 400 people. Oops! I almost forgot, all these cakes have someone else's name on them...just pretend you don't see that.

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Oh, boy! Thanks, Lorie! "Enough cake here to feed four-hundred people" should be just about right, if everybody at The Cat Site drops by. If they don't, we'll just have to take the balance home with us.


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