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Long car travel with 2 kittens?

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I have had two kittens for about 2 months now. They are about 6 months old. So far they are 100% litter trained and reasonably well behaved (they get into everything and they wrestle vigorously all around the apartment, sometimes knocking things over, but they are not aggressive towards us and they tend to be obedient until we stop watching them!).

A family issue came up and we need to bring them on a 4-5 hour car trip TODAY. Any advice on how to do this? Do we take along some disposable plastic litterboxes? How often should we stop to let them "go?" HOW do we let them go without them running away onto the road or something?

We've taken them in a car a number of times. They don't seem to like it, but they basically just meow a lot, no frantic behavior.

Any quick advice?

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I would suggest to put the litterboxes on the floor is the backseat and they can go there. I wouldn't want to let them out of the car unless they are wearing a harnass (you wouldn't want them to run and get hit by a car)

I'm sure they will handle the drive just fine, just be sure to bring them some food and water for the trip, and best of luck!
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We always keep them in a carrier when driving. Is this ok?

So should we just stop every once in a while, put them in the back seat with the litter box, put them back in the carrier, dump the box, and start driving again?

How often should we stop? 2 6-month old kittens.

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DON'T feed them right before you go, and only give them water along the way. They may not want to eat at the new place either right away, but be VERY sure everyone there knows not to let them out of wherever you're keeping them.
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The first time my cat when on a little road trip (only an hour from my friend's home to mine), he got car sick.

Now he seems to do a lot better with it, but better safe than sorry.
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