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iBook G3 12" Disk Caddy

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Recently, the untimely yet inevitable G3 logic board issue happened to my beloved iBook

Not being able to find a new logic board at the moment, I bought a new G3 (mad, I know) with the idea that I would exchange the HDD.

However, deciding that with limited time, this is not an option right now, so am looking at getting a disk caddy for my old HDD and just linking it to my new lappy!

So my question is, does anyone know of a caddy for the 12" G3 HDD? I'm not too fussed on design, but any ideas of where to get one (or anything that can be modified) would be great!

Thank you in advance!
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Hi Sarah

Sorry your MacLappy died R.I.P. MacLappy

I had a bit of a rummage around and found this for you

I think you may need it going off how many screws you'll have to remove to get at it.

and here is a good start for a external case for your hard drive

and they have a store right around the corner from you in Cheetham Hill Give them a bell i'm sure they'll have one to fit yours.
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Cheers, Diana!

Yeah, I found the ifixit guide and it really does have the most screws known to laptop kind! It's going to be pretty time consuming, but I'm sure a lot of fun (so long as there aren't three little kitties lending a hand!)

Thank you for the caddy site, I'll give them a bell today (or tomorrow) Really handy that they're local too!
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