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What a Little Stinker!

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Trent decided that negotiations were in order last night when it was time to get brushed.

They are not allowed on the tables, including the end tables right next to the couch. In fact, he got in big trouble this weekend when I found the lamp on the end table knocked over.

Anyway, he was squirming and wiggling and did not want to get brushed. Finally, he got up on the arm of the couch, with me still attempting to get a brush on him. He firmly put both front paws on the end table, and then sat contentedly as I brushed him for about 5 minutes. Little concession from him, little concession from me.

Any of your furbabies pull this kind of thing?
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I don't know if its a concession or a bribe, but when I have to do something that Ivo dislikes, like clipping her nails or vacuuming around her, I give her the kitty treats she likes. She doesn't get them too often, because she's on diet, but I figure if she has to go through something she detests, I'll give in and give her treats.
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Well its not quite the same.... but I have to give Pip whatever I'm eating to make him leave me alone!!! :LOL: ...... or play "fetch mousey" with him while I eat it.... :laughing2
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Everytime the boxes are cleaned Gweeky wants to be played with. He will sit and gweek at me until his fav toy comes out - a long polar fleece string on a stick. We play for a few minutes and he stops gweeking.
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Ady that is too funny.... Gweeker "Gweeks" so you call him Gweeky... Pip squeaks so we have nicknamed him "Squeaker"... he is ALWAYS Squeaking at us!! :LOL:
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He never gets called his real name Striker because he qweeks constantly!
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Socks will meow to no end until you finally recognize him. He'll stand in the hallway or in the other room and meow for you to come over and check on him (even though he is perfectly ok). This morning he was standing on the kitched table and he was meowing at nothing! Then he stood up on his back legs for a few seconds...he looked like a dog who is begging. :LOL: I called his name and he came running over to me for attention.
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